Techland is already talking about Dying Light 3

Prior to its launch, Techland promised that it would support Dying Light 2 with fresh content for several years.

Dying Light 2 is still barely over a year old, so don't expect to see Dying Light 3 anytime soon.

Was Dying Light 2 the best-reviewed open-world zombie game? Definitely not. But, did the game sell well enough to get a threequel? Probably. At least, this is what Techland is hinting at.

While the post-launch support for Dying Light 2 is still ongoing, the franchise's director, Tymon Smektala, went on Twitter to ask fans who they would like to see as the "main hero" of Dying Light 2.

Smektala clarified that the post wasn't an official announcement of Dying Light 3 but that didn't stop fans from running with it.

With that said, it's on brand for Techland to touch base with fans. This studio supported the first Dying Light game for the better part of the last decade and it's promising to do the same for Dying Light 2.

As for what fans said about their preferred protagonist for Dying Light 3, it appears that a "GRE Agent (turned good)" is the top choice.

But, if we're being technical, Techland already went this route.

Kyle Crane, the main character of Dying Light and its post-launch expansion, Dying Light: The Following, was a GRE agent that was sent to infiltrate the quarantined city of Harran and pose as one of the infected to retrieve the top-secret files that Kadir Suleiman is holding. Suleiman is hiding in the city under the alias, Rais, and he serves as the main protagonist of the first game.

It would be interesting to see a prequel to Dying Light that would explore the events that led to the infestation in the first place.

So, if Dying Light 3 goes for the same narrative, it wouldn't stand out. However, there are ways to spin it to make the story unique. For example, whereas Crane was a GRE agent sent out on a mission, the threequel could shine the spotlight on one of the GRE agents who turn on the company and wants to help the world recover.

Coincidentally, Smektala's poll was published right around the same time Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios lifted the review embargo on Dead Island 2. Techland was the developer of the original Dead Island game before moving on to work on Dying Light. The "Gut Feeling" update for Dying Light 2 also came out today, April 20, just a day before Dead Island 2 hit the store shelves.

We wouldn't put it past Smektala to have made the decision to generate discussion surrounding Dying Light 2 to stimy the launch of Dead Island 2.

We're still hoping that Dying Light 2 and/or 3 will go back to the same narrative choice as Dying Light: The Following where one of the infected gained sentience.

As for the fate of Dying Light 3, regardless of who and what the protagonist ends up being, it's a sure thing. Both entries combine for a total of at least 30 million copies sold, a third installment is but a foregone conclusion.

We're just hoping we don't have to wait for Dying Light 3 for as long as we did Dying Light 2.

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