Techland is hyping up its next Dying Light 2 update

According to the Polish studio, the next Dying Light 2 update will reportedly make players "sh*t their pants."

Dying Light 2 has been met with exactly the same reaction as the original and has sold just as well.

Techland just shared some excellent news about the upcoming update for Dying Light 2.

As if the successful launch of Dead Island 2 reignited its competitive fire, the Polish studio shared thrilling information about Dying Light 2 in an interview with TheGamer.

According to the game's director, Tymon Smektala, the incoming Dying Light 2 update will make the game "even scarier" as the studio intends to "pull out all the stops" and use "new gameplay mechanics, visual tricks, and audio scares" with the promise of making players "sh*t their pants."

As far as graphic descriptions and vivid promises go, this is as descriptive as you can get.

But, when can gamers expect this update? As per Smektala, the next Dying Light 2 update is "planned for early summer."

Dying Light: The Following was released a year after the original game came out in 2015.

Unfortunately, apart from this new revelation, Smektala and the rest of Techland have been tight-lipped about the details of the promised update for Dying Light 2. But, the mere mention of making the bravest of gamers cower in fear is already stirring up lots of excitement in the gaming community.

For what it's worth, you can always count on Techland to deliver.

Techland established itself as a fan-favorite studio for supporting Dying Light for the better part of the past decade. It has since promised fans that Dying Light 2 will receive similar support from them and it definitely appears like the developers intend to deliver. It's been over a year since Dying Light 2 has come out and the game has received multiple updates since. But, something like the massive expansion, The Following, has yet to hit Dying Light 2. Although Bloody Ties did introduce a "multi-objective arena" as part of the first official story DLC for Dying Light 2.

It's unclear if the next Dying Light 2 update will introduce a new locale but the way that Smektala is describing it suggests that this DLC could be huge.

A huge expansion for Dying Light 2 could help expand the lore and set up a third title better.

If so, we can expect to hear more about what's coming to Dying Light 2 within the next few months as developers start to reveal their plans, starting with the PlayStation Showcase on May 24.

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