Techland reveals exciting details about the upcoming Dying Light 2 story DLC

According to the game's lead designer, the first Dying Light 2 story DLC will "surprise people."

Dying Light 2 was never going to win awards, but the gameplay experience and Techland's solid content support track record guaranteed that players would flock to the game and that, they certainly did.

Dying Light 2's big story DLC could be coming sooner than expected.

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After being released to mixed reviews back in February, Techland already has its eyes set on the future of Dying Light 2. In particular, the game's lead designer, Tymon Smektala, wants to let people know more about the first Dying Light 2 story DLC. Smektala reveals (via wccftech) that the game's first DLC will run "parallel" to the main story" and will be very story-driven. Smektala also reveals that the story DLC along with other upcoming DLC packs will "positively surprise people."

Going back to the topic of the story DLC, Smektala added the story will take place "outside of the Villedor city limits" and players can start it "right after Aiden arrives in The City." In addition to the single-player DLC, Smektala confirmed that Techland will focus on adding "various types of online experiences," to Dying Light 2 this year and next year.

With 5 million copies sold in its first 2-3 months, Dying Light 2 has been a commercial success so far.

Techland's history suggests that it was never going to just leave Dying Light 2 as is. After supporting the original Dying Light for more than 5 years, even porting the 2015 title over to next-gen consoles earlier this year, Dying Light 2 is making good on its earlier promise. The Polish studio recently added New Game Plus to Dying Light 2 following update 1.3.0 and the option to play from the start with modified game parameters. Not to mention, fans can still look forward to the previously delayed Nintendo Switch cloud port of Dying Light 2.

If anything, the story DLC for Dying Light 2 is just the start.

With a mix of free and paid content coming to Dying Light 2 over the next half-decade, Techland could one-up itself and release multiple massive story expansions for the open-world zombie title.

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