Team17 Will Publish Thymesia, To Be Released In 2021

It has been announced that Team17, developer of te Worms and Overcooked games, and Publisher of My Time at Portia and Blasphemous, will publish Thymesia in 2021. The game is being developed by OverBoard Studio, a seven-person team in Taiwan, who shared some gameplay of the game way back in 2018. This is good news for Thymesia, which will surely get a lot of buzz via Team17.

Corvus staring menacingly at you, waiting for you to call this a souls-like game just to run through your gut with a diseased weapon.

The game is a grueling action-RPG with fast-paced combat and an intricate plague weapon system. Your snotty internet person next door will call it "another Souls-like faded to Doom". I know the appeal of Souls-like/Soulborne games, but can't we skip the comparisons for once?

OverBorder studio game director, Moon Lee, shared his thoughts about the news:

The amount of enthusiasm from the community has been incredible and we’re happy to be working with Team17 on Thymesia. Their support has been instrumental in the game’s development, and we can’t wait to share the challenging world we’ve created with players later this year.

Craig McCarthy, Producer, Team17, said:

Thymesia is a unique title for Team17, and we’re dead excited to be working with OverBorder Studio on this dark and gloomy title. We’re confident that players are going to enjoy exploring the world and testing their combat skills as Corvus, challenging themselves against the monstrous foes that await.

Team17 was kind enough to share an overview of the game and its features:

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Set against a world ravaged by a plague, Thymesia will challenge players with fast-paced melee combat while they unravel the mysteries that haunt the harrowingly beautiful world.

At the heart of the story is Corvus, a mysterious character capable of seizing enemy diseases and using them as weapons against his adversaries; players will engage in visceral combat, combining ferocious offensive abilities, perfectly timed parries, and dynamic dodges to take down unforgiving enemies. Players will also have the ability to customize Corvus to their own playstyle, upgrading and improving various stats to aid in their journey to recover Corvus’ memories.

Key Features

  • Weaponizing Diseases – As Corvus, players can seize diseases from enemies and wield them as deadly weapons.
  • Engaging Combat – Players will need to use their entire arsenal to avoid death; dodging attacks and parrying at precisely the right time will be instrumental to survival.
  • A Dark and Deadly World – With a sinister and gloomy backdrop, Thymesiaoozes character through its environments and setting.
  • Unforgiving Enemies – Corrupted by the plague, and mutated into monsters, the enemies are twisted and incredibly hostile, challenging players at every turn.
  • Replayability – The ability to customize Corvus and try different builds, coupled with the multiple different endings available, means no two playthroughs are ever the same.

Take a look at the partnership announcement trailer below, as well as some of the actions waiting for you:

You can wishlist Thymesia on Steam to receive a notification when they set a release date.

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