Team Vitality Dominates Astralis to Win BLAST Premier: Fall 2020

Vitality entered BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 as the number 1 favorite and the number 1 team in CS:GO. Now, at the end of the tournament, we can understand why.

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BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 Results

BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 was a hugely important event, not only because of its prize pool ($425,000). It also has to do with the fact that many of the best teams in the world participated in it. To win against the likes of Natus Vincere, mousesports, and Astralis, which in turn won matches against the likes of G2 Esports and FURIA Esports, is quite impressive. It not unexpected because, as I have said before, Vitality was the big favorite going into the race, but it’s still a solid confirmation of their value.


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In the Quarterfinals, Vitality encountered mousesports. And although karrigan’s team is ranked 8th globally, they were no match for RpK and his crew. This match was a complete stomp: 16 – 7 on Inferno and 16 – 8 on Dust II. Keep in mind that Vitality played both maps with a stand-in.

In the other 3 matches of the Quarterfinals Stage of BLAST Premier: Fall 2020, Natus Vincere defeated Astralis (2 – 1), G2 Esports beat FURIA (2 – 1), and BIG crushed OG (2 – 0). By far, the most disputed of these 3 matches was the one between Na’Vi and Astralis. Magisk’s team won the first map (Inferno) with a score of 16 – 14, which is probably the most depressing score at which you can lose. But on Nuke and Dust II, s1mple’s team showed exceptional determination and won. The scores were close again, 16 – 12 and 16 – 14, but the key thing is that Na’Vi was the winner.


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In the Semifinals, s1mple almost did it. Vitality needed extra time on both maps to win (19 – 15 on Nuke and 19 – 17 on Inferno), which clearly proved that Na’Vi is only slightly weaker than the number 1 team in the world.

The second Semifinal, between G2 and BIG, ended with the Germans’ victory. But again, the score was extremely close on all 3 maps: 12 – 16 on Inferno, 16 – 14 on Dust II, and 13 – 16 on Mirage. It was a disappointing result for G2, which then went on to lose in the Lower Bracket against Astralis, but BIG totally deserved its victory.

Upper Bracket Final

In the Upper Bracket Final of BLAST Premier: Fall 2020, Vitality started with a defeat against BIG on Vertigo (9 – 16) but then turned the situation around and won on Inferno (16 – 1!) and Dust II (16 – 2!). Once again, Vitality played two maps (2 and 3) with a stand-in. And I just think it’s incredible how well they managed to play under these conditions. To win 2 maps in a row at these scores against a top 5 team is ridiculous.

Lower Bracket

Csgo Astralis Dupreeh

In the Lower Bracket, Astralis defeated mousesports and FURIA defeated OG. That was the first round. In round 2, Astralis defeated G2 while Na’Vi defeated FURIA. The 3rd round was highly anticipated, as it provided a rematch between Na’Vi and Astralis. This time though, dev1ce and his squad completely outplayed s1mple and won with ease: 16 – 11 on Inferno and 16 – 7 on Train.

In the Lower Bracket Final, Astralis had a difficult first map against BIG (16 – 14 on Nuke) but then completely took control on Dust II (16 – 6) and won the series.

Grand Final

The Grand Final of BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 only had one map that was worth watching: Dust II. Astralis won this map with a score of 16 – 14. But on the other two maps, Vertigo and Inferno, they lost with disastrous scores: 4 – 16 and 5 – 16. Once again, Vitality played and 2nd and 3rd map with a stand-in and showed what they’re capable of.

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