The Tavern Keeper's Grandmother: How to Find Berries and Royal Fern in Nier Replicant Ver1.22

NieR Replicant Ver1.22 is an immensely engrossing RPG with tons of side quests to sway you away from the main story. One such side quest is The Tavern Keeper's Grandmother, which can be activated by speaking to the Tavern Keeper in the village. It's a rather simple and straight forward quest with a handsome reward of 2,000 Gold, all you need to find Medicinal herbs, Berries and Royal ferns.

The medicinal herbs and berries are easy to find, but Royal ferns are a different matter. In this guide, we'll help you find all the resources you need to complete The Tavern Keeper's Grandmother sidequest.

Where to find Medicinal Herbs in Nier Replicant Ver1.22?

Medicinal herbs are a common item that can be bought from the item shops in the game.

Where to find Berries in Nier Replicant Ver1.22?

Purchase Berries from the Material Shop in the village
Purchase Berries from the Material Shop in the village

Berries can be purchased from the material shop in the game. Fortunately, the material shop is just a stone's throw away from the tavern where you pick up the quest. Just turn right after exiting the tavern and walk a few steps until you stumble upon the material shop to buy berries.

Where to Royal Fern in Nier Replicant Ver1.22?

The Royal Fern is a rare resource in Nier Replicant Ver1.22. You can harvest some Royal Fern in the Northern Plains or Southern Plains. Interact with the sparkly gathering points that randomly spawn in certain locations throughout the plains and, if you're lucky, you'll get a Royal Fern out of it. Coming across Royal Fern while you're out adventuring is fairly common, but if you need it on a whim, then it's another story since the sparkly points are not a sure-shot way to obtain Royal Fern.

The best way to get Royal Fern for The Tavern Keeper's Grandmother side quest is to simply buy it. Unfortunately, there are no vendors in the village and you'll have to travel all the way to the Seafront to find a merchant who has Royal Fern in stock. It's not a tough journey, just a long one.

Purchase Royal Fern from the Grocer on the Seafront 
Purchase Royal Fern from the Grocer on the Seafront

If you're looking for other reasons to travel all the way out to the Seafront, then the main story itself will take you there shortly after meeting Kaine for the first time. For the side quest junkys in the house, you can also complete the "Shopping List" quest on the Seafront as well a dozen of other quests in the port town.

Once you have everything you need, just head back to the tavern in the village and hand over everything to the tavern keeper. You'll get a handsome reward for completing the quest and saving the ailing grandmother.

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