Task Force 141 is back in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 launch trailer

The fan-favorite gang returns for another go in the latest trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 ahead of its launch on the 28th.

We're still several weeks away from the highly anticipated release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward just couldn't resist pulling the trigger on the game's launch trailer.

Different from the more multiplayer-centric glimpses we've had of the next Call of Duty game, the latest Modern Warfare 2 footage brings back the fan-favorite squad, Task Force 141, from the 2019 reboot/remake. Captain Price, Soap, and Ghost, among others, all return in Modern Warfare 2, and the trailer doesn't shy away from the stakes this time around. In addition to the usual action and explosion, it shows off an intensified focus on the drug war and the cartels that peddle them.

The new Modern Warfare 2 trailer is good - it's more than enough to get you to pre-order the game if you already haven't.

Speaking of, the timing makes sense when you think about the early access dates for those who ordered and will order Modern Warfare 2 ahead of everyone else. Although Modern Warfare 2 won't be out until the 28th, pre-orders will be ahead of the curve a week early on the 20th.

It's a relatively new tactic for the franchise that's likely to stick.

Going back to the trailer, we're treated to footage of Vargas welcoming MacTavish and the eerily prophetic line, "As long as there is a war on terror, there'll be no real war on drugs."

It looks like all of those rumors that the next Call of Duty game will revolve around the drug war was right.

MW2 will continue the story from 2019's Modern Warfare, which was a reboot of Modern Warfare from 2007's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The gist here is that we're playing as the same characters from way back then, only in a different tale and setting. But, given the similarities between the single-player campaign of the 2007 and 2019 titles, we wouldn't be surprised if Modern Warfare 2 follows suit. Earlier leaks already hint at a similar betrayal by one of the main characters in what's arguably the most gut-wrenching twist in video game history.

Speaking of Call of Duty, rumors suggest that classic maps are returning to Modern Warfare 2 as paid DLC in a future update.

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