Talented YouTuber turns PS5 Slim into a reality

Sony is bound to release a PS5 slim in the future, but a tech wizard already got the jump on them.

The PS5 is a powerful but ugly beast. It's arguably the ugliest PlayStation console to date. This explains why fans want Sony to release a slimmer console. Unfortunately, this isn't a priority for Sony right now. So, while Sony is focused on keeping up with the demand of the base PS5 models and creating a professional DualSense controller, one YouTuber took it upon himself to create a truly slim PS5 machine.

There's no slimmer PS5 model yet, so this YouTuber went ahead and made one.

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According to the YouTuber, DIY Perks, he has just made the "world's first PlayStation 5 Slim" and with a height of just 2 centimeters, you can't blame him for being proud.

You can check out the entire process below if you're curious to see how he achieved it:

Of course, making a slimmer PS5 unit is much easier said than done. As DIY Perks shows in his video, even someone who does stuff like this for a living makes mistakes. In addition to this, making the PS5 slimmer, which is already expensive at $499, isn't cheap. The total cost of the external power brick as well as the multiple radiators and cooling fans that DIY Perks used in his video could easily rival the price of the console itself. Although it was nice to see the PS5's operating temperature drop from 95 degrees Celsius to 52 degrees Celsius as a result of the design choice, we don't think that most people will go with something this impractical.

Having said that, the purpose of this video isn't necessarily to force audiences to make their own slimmer version of the PS5 but to show everyone that it can be done.

Also, if the water-cooled system isn't your speed and you prefer something more traditional, DIY Perks has another video where he creates a "stealth" version of the PS5 from over a year ago.

A slimmer PS5 will happen eventually. We're just hoping that it comes sooner rather than later.

Ultimately, designing and manufacturing a PS5 Slim should be the least of Sony's concerns at the moment. The PS5 remains out of stock in many areas around the world. The shortage woes have gotten to the point that the Xbox is starting to outsell the PS5 in Japan, which almost always never happens. The wise choice right now would be to wait for the PS5 Slim to come out even if it remains unconfirmed if only because scouring the internet for a fair-priced PS5 remains impossible for most people. By exercising your patience, you might be able to enjoy a PS5 with a smaller profile, and one that you won't have to spend more time or money trying to find.

Speaking of Sony, the console manufacturer is expected to hold another State of Play event next week centered around God of War: Ragnarok.

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