Take-Two Interactive is taking down GTA 6 leaks

This comes after one particular subreddit couldn't stop members from posting images and videos from previously leaked GTA 6 footage.

Anyone who leaks legitimate GTA 6 info might want to be careful starting now.

Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive suffered from one of the biggest and worst leaks in gaming history in September. Ever since then, Grand Theft Auto fans have been using the leaked info to try and piece together what the next GTA game could look like when it comes out.

Unfortunately, some of these dataminers tend to take things a bit too far. Now, Take-Two has decided to lay the law on one of the most popular GTA-centric subreddits, amongst others.

As explained by one of the moderators of the r/GTA6 subreddit, Take-Two issued a recent wave of copyright strikes, forcing the mods to scrub the subreddit clean of most GTA-related leaks.

Ironically, the post comes just days after one Redditor questioned why Rockstar and Take-Two don't take down leaks on the said sub in a different post.

As pointed out by another Redditor, other videos on YouTube have also been taken down.

As for r/GTA6, the mods are carefully monitoring the situation and will manually approve posts to prevent further copyright strikes, resulting in a total ban on the forum.

You can't blame Take-Two for exercising its right to protect one of its most expensive projects to date. GTA 6 is a follow-up to the second-best-selling video game of all time. Naturally, fans expect a lot of out of it. Unfortunately, some are too eager to find out more about GTA 6 and many will go to extreme lengths to get what they want.

Despite all the clamor, Rockstar insists on keeping a tight leash on any GTA 6 info.

Some speculate that this heightened security is a sign that Take-Two and Rockstar are up to something.

After confirming GTA 6 last year, Rockstar has yet to reveal any footage or images from the game in an official capacity.

Very few games are as subject to speculation, leaks, and datamining as GTA 6. Many are keeping a close eye on GTA Online for clues about the upcoming GTA installment

The last we heard, an insider insists that Rockstar will reveal more GTA 6 details as part of the 10th-anniversary celebration of GTA Online. Finally, the same insider claims that GTA 6 will have DLC.

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