The Take-Two Interactive pipeline for 2023 until 2025 is stacked and full of promise

Take-Two Interactive just revealed its plans for the next 2-3 years and it's nothing short of aggressive.

Take-Two Interactive, the massive holding company behind two of the largest publishing labels in gaming, Rockstar Games and 2K, just revealed its plan to roll out nearly a hundred big games by 2025.

It appears that the highly anticipated Kerbal Space Program sequel is all thrusters go.

In an earnings presentation, Take-Two laid out a hype-inducing list of planned launches for the current fiscal year and until 2025. The company separated the games into five different categories: Immersive Core, Independent, Mobile, Mid Core, and new iterations of previously unreleased titles.

Take-Two's upcoming game's pipeline schedule.

According to one of the slides, "Immersive Core" games are "titles that have the deepest gameplay and the most hours of content." Among those listed by Take-Two as part of its biggest launches Take-Two's are The Quarry, which will have nearly two hundred different endings, as well as Marvel's Midnight Suns, which had a generous release window for the second half of 2022.

Others include Kerbal Space Program 2 (Q4 FY 2023) as well as NBA 2K23, PGA TOUR 2k23, and WWE 2k23. The slide also confirms that WWE and 2K Games have since hashed things out after the release of WWE 2K22 following an earlier report of the wrestling promotion expressing disappointment with the initial delay.

It will be interesting to see who next year's cover athlete for NBA 2K23 will be after Luka Doncic.

Below the 24 planned Immersive Core games are the "Independent" releases, which Take-Two describes as "Externally developed Private Division releases." Take-Two didn't exactly name one of the 10 Independent projects in development, but we presume that Remedy Entertainment's remakes of the first two Max Payne games as well as Hangar 13's Mafia prequel are part of it.

Moving on, it appears that Take-Two isn't wasting any time taking advantage of its Zynga acquisition earlier this year. The company has 20 "Mobile" games on the docket, headlined by a mobile port of the notoriously buggy, Grand Theft Auto: The Definitive Edition.

Finally, Take-Two revealed that the company's rollout plans have 7 "Mid Core" and 8 "New Iterations of Previously Released Titles" in development. The latter is pretty self-explanatory while the former is defined as "titles that are either an arcade title (like WWE Battlegrounds) or games that have many hours of gameplay, but not to the same extent as an immersive core title."

When you add everything together, Take-Two's subsidiaries as well as its partner studios are all working on at least 69 games that will come out in the next 2-3 years.

If we assume that Take-Two counts each project as one title, regardless of its multi-platform nature, this is a big deal. Unfortunately, Take-Two didn't include GTA VI in the slides, which is causing concern among the fanbase. However, Take-Two did add that the list isn't final, so the highly-anticipated GTA hexaquel could still be part of the stacked schedule.

Tales from the Borderlands was an underrated game that more than deserves a sequel.

Let it not be said that Take-Two is the only video game company with ambitious plans in a post-COVID world. Capcom revealed that it intends to ship 45 new SKUs for FY 2023 alone. Square Enix is also gearing up for a big year despite the company's earlier fire sale of its western subsidiaries.

There's also EA with its "four secret projects" on top of Battlefield Mobile as well as Activision-Blizzard's full plate of upcoming releases like Modern Warfare 2, Overwatch 2, and Diablo Immortal.

TLDR; video game companies are making up for two years of relatively tame lineups.

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