Taiwan just rated Castlevania Advance Collection

There's a growing list of evidence that suggests the imminent release of the unannounced Castlevania Advance Collection.

Usually, when observers spot the listing of a game on any games ratings board, it's enough to prompt developers to make an announcement. It might not come immediately, but it's very rare for a second games ratings board listing to pop up before a studio confirms its game. However, in the case of Castlevania Advance Collection, three countries in Australia, Korea, and now, in Taiwan, have confirmed that the game exists.

All three games that are part of Castlevania Advance Collection were previously released only on the Game Boy Advance.

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When is Konami going to announce Castlevania Advance Collection?

Many consider Aria of Sorrow as one of the best Castlevania games ever.

According to the most recent listing from the Taiwan Entertainment Software Rating Information website, Castlevania Advance Collection is rated PG-12 there for "sex, violence, horror, and inappropriate language."

Unlike the previous listing, Taiwan's games ratings board included the platforms of Castlevania Advance Collection. This all but confirms that the game will release on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC. However, despite the mounting evidence pointing to the existence of Castlevania Advance Collection, Konami still hasn't announced the game.

With that said, the growing popularity of the Castlevania franchise due to Netflix's anime adaptation, which is getting a spin-off, is hard to ignore. It appears that Konami intends to capitalize on this by re-releasing three Castlevania games that were previously exclusive to the Game Boy Advance on modern platforms. These games, which were released in the early 2000s, received critical acclaim and sold relatively well.

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Updating the graphics of Circle of the Moon would help endear it to a wider audience.

The first game, 2001's Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, is set in 1830 and puts players in control of Nathan Graves. Meanwhile, 2002's Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance, was set in 1748. It had a connection to the original Castlevania game by way of the protagonist, Juste Belmont, who was the grandson of Simon Belmont. Finally, 2003's Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, marks a departure for the franchise as it was set in 2035 with a protagonist named Soma Cruz.

At the moment, the only way to play these games is via the Wii U Virtual Console and the Game Boy Advance.

If Castlevania Advance Collection is indeed in the works, then it would be part of the reason why Konami did not attend E3 2021. The enigmatic Japanese company explained that it was in "deep development of several key projects" back in May.

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