Supergiant Games confirms Hades 2 at The Game Awards

After the unprecedented success of Zagreus' outing in Hades, Supergiant Games will be making its first-ever sequel in Hades 2.

Internet, say hello to Zagreus' half-sister and a lesser-known product of one of Zeus' many dalliances, this time with Persephone.

Supergiant Games Confirms Hades
Hades 2 looks to be just as stylish and as well-executed as its predecessor.

Four years after Supermassive Games unveiled Hades to the rest of the world at the very same event, Geoff Keighley pulled back the curtain on the studio's first-ever sequel. Hades 2 is a follow-up to one of 2020's best games. Just like its predecessor, Hades 2 will follow a similar path in development. It will be initially launched as an Early Access title with more news to follow next year.

After taking us on a romp through Greek mythology, with a cameo from Kratos to boot, Hades 2 will follow a different denizen of the Underworld. Instead of Zagreus, Hades 2 will put players in the shoes of the "Princess of the Underworld". Apparently, the unnamed deity is on a quest to free her father, Zeus, from the crutches of her grandfather and the King of the Titans, Chronos.

As we've already mentioned, Supermassive Games refused to name Zagreus' half-sister in the initial trailer. But, we do know that they're not 100% blood-related because she refers to Zeus as her father. This implies that Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld, had an illicit affair with Zeus, which is all sorts of f'd up considering that Persephone is her daughter with Demeter.

In Greek mythology, Persephone and Hades are presumed to have a daughter who's named Melinoë, the "goddess of ghosts, nightmares and funerary rites." Meanwhile, Zagreus is the product of incest between Zeus (as a snake) and his daughter, Persephone.

We're pretty sure Supermassive Games will take some creative freedom but we've already seen her refer to Zeus as her father while the game specifically calls her the "Princess of the Underworld" so, there's that.

Supergiant Games Confirms Hades
One of the later images confirmed the name of Hades 2's protagonist, so all we need to know now is who exactly she is.

Of course, since this is a Hades sequel, character interactions are part of the package. The brief trailer shows us the Princess of the Underworld talking to Nemesis and Dora, among others. It also appears that Supermassive Games will bring back God Mode, so players who simply want to enjoy the narrative can do so without the frustration of going back to the start every time they die.

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