Super Nintendo World's Donkey Kong expansion construction begins

Construction of a new Donkey Kong themed area in Super Nintendo World Japan appears to have begun.

Super Nintendo World, a Nintendo-themed area at Universal Studios in Japan, had its eventful opening back on March 18, 2021. While the grand opening of Super Nintendo World was a massive success, Nintendo doesn't seem to be shying away from an idea of a Donkey Kong-themed specific region, as an expansion to Super Nintendo World.

Given neither Nintendo nor Universal Studios Japan has yet spoken about the Donkey Kong expansion, we do not have a lot to confirm at this point in time. However, recent leaks from credible sources have found some promising images that suggests DK could eventually arrive to Universal.

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Super Nintendo World has its own app, and some smart data miners managed to dig out various resources related to Donkey Kong. The images shown in the tweet below were discovered back in December of 2020. The images are strikingly similar to the Mario-themed stickers and stamps that Universal Studios visitors collect during their ventures in the park.

If you're an OG of the Donkey Kong games and have played a lot of it, then the door shown in the image down below might be familiar to you. The door can be found in a newly constructed area at Super Nintendo World. Albeit closed, it hints at the Donkey Kong expansion very strongly.

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Mysterious wooden door at Super Nintendo World

While the door itself isn't suggesting anything too explicit about the Donkey Kong expansion, the triangular pattern and the palm trees around the door are reminiscent of recent DK games such as Donkey Kong Country Returns.

The newly surfaced images have got Nintendo and Donkey Kong fans in particular very excited.

Visitors to Super Nintendo World have recently taken to social media and shared some of the images they captured while at the park. They managed to capture various shots showcasing the construction going on at the park, near the above discussed "mysterious door." Some images also show the jungle-themed backdrops. If this doesn't convince you that a Donkey Kong expansion is indefinitely on its way, nothing will.

There are no proposed opening dates for the new area, nor any other official information to go on at this stage. Still, given all these recent images, leaks, and mined resources, it is safe to say we can expect a Donkey Kong expansion at Super Nintendo World in Japan sooner rather than later.

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