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By now it should come as no surprise to learn that Vanguard Zombies isn't doing too well, and while it continues to disappoint hardcore Zombies fans, Black Ops Cold War zombies is receiving some new content to compensate.

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Vanguard Zombies had a very adverse launch, prompting many zombies fans to stay on Black Ops Cold War. Fortunately for them, they get a little secret that can be unlocked as a permanent reward. This is useful for both new and returning players.

While this is not technically a super easter egg, it is dubbed as one. Typically, super easter egg is a name given to easter eggs unlocked after completing all the main easter eggs on all the maps. One of the best examples of a super easter egg is that of the Infinite Warfare: Zombies mode. The newly introduced secret works similarly, hence getting its name the 'super easter egg' of Black Ops Cold War.

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Super Easter Egg Overview & Pre-requisite

In this easter egg, players can go to a certain location and make a pact with a demon by interacting with a ritual site. This pact grants numerous rewards, including a new dark op calling card and a permanent upgrade for all the maps. The rewards are tier-based and increase in tier as you complete more and more main easter egg quests.

Therefore, if you wish to do this super easter egg, you must have completed at least two of the six main easter egg quests. Yes, this also includes both the Outbreak easter egg quests. After completing at least two, the ritual site will be available to interact with.

Fortunately for you, we have a complete list containing comprehensive and in-depth guides for all the maps. Whether you've completed some or none, you can find the guides for them all. The following are the maps you need to complete to get the maximum possible rewards from the ritual site.

How to do the Super Easter Egg

You need to play Outbreak and get to the Zoo region to do the super easter egg. There is a new secret location in the Zoo region where you can interact with the pedestal and get your rewards. Make your way to the Foothills near the eastern border of the region.

Here, you will find a ritual site with a singular pedestal in the middle surrounded by six pillars. Each pillar represents the main quest on each one of the maps. Once you've completed at least two main quests, you will be able to interact with the pedestal.

The moment you interact with the pedestal, you will get a mini cutscene and an eclipsed moon. All the pillars will have a purple beam coming out of them and into your body as your operator's body floats in mid-air.

Once the mini cutscene ends, you will get a message that "Pact is made. Player starting weapon rarity increase to level 3." This now means that no matter what weapon you start your game with, you will always start with a purple rarity weapon. This applies to both the round-based maps and Outbreak.

If you ever feel like this permanent upgrade is too overpowered for you, you can always interact with the same pedestal again to "break the pact" and deactivate the permanent reward.

Super Easter Egg Rewards

The super easter egg rewards are tiered and increase in tier as you complete more main easter egg quests. There is no particular order for these quests to be completed. You can complete them in whatever order you wish.

The rewards include the following:


You will be rewarded with the radio chatter icons for all the key story characters in the form of emblems. There are twelve emblems for the completion of all six main easter egg quests.

Dark Ops Calling Card

You will be rewarded new dark ops calling card for making the pact after completing all six main easter egg quests. The calling card is called 'The Pact.'


You will also get a unique legendary watch called Dark Deeds. This watch counts your critical eliminations (headshots) and displays them. This is really useful for those going for camo challenges.

Permament Rarity Upgarde

Finally, the biggest reward here is the permanent tier 3 weapon upgrade. You will always start with a purple rarity weapon in round-based maps and Outbreak mode. As you can see in the image below, we have a purple rarity weapon on round 1 of Forsaken.

The permanent rarity upgrade is tier-based and works as follows:

  • Tier 1 (Uncommon) - 2 Main Quests Completed
  • Tier 2 (Rare) - 4 Main Quests Completed
  • Tier 3 (Epic) - 6 Main Quests Completed

Mask Easter Egg & Significance

If you do not wish to go through several regions just to reach the Zoo for the super easter egg activation, you can guarantee your next warp to be the Zoo region.

Treyarch added a unique tribal-style mask in each region (except the Zoo). The location of the mask is always the same. So once you're aware of the mask locations, you can easily get to them.

You can interact with the mask to 'touch it.' Once you touch it and warp using the beacon, you will be guaranteed to warp to the Zoo region.

Here are all the mask locations in all the regions. Special credit goes to r/Myst3ryo on Reddit for helping out with the mask locations on Duga and Alpine.


The mask is inside the Sanatorium Pool.

You will find it in the middle at the bottom of the pool.


The mask is on a barrel resting in the middle of the obstacle course. The barrel is by the elevated wooden platform.


The mask is at the base of the statue in the Town Center.


The mask is on a bench inside a bus stand at the Unused Lot.


You can find the mask at the central warehouse in this region.

There are several entrances to this warehouse. However, if you take the eastern entrance (as marked on the map above), you will find a mask on a stack of buckets by the door.


Alpine is probably the hardest to track down due to its subtleness. The mask is half-buried in snow, making it 10x harder to find. You can find the mask at the base of one of the red fans in the Lower Chairflift area.


On Armada, you can find it in the Control Room of the central ship.

The mask is resting on the control panel.

Alternative Route to Zoo

There is another guaranteed way to get to the Zoo region using the Outbreak Collapse game mode. Whenever you start a game of Outbreak Collapse, you get a chance to choose your starting region. It can be any two random regions out of the seven available. If you don't get it, you can back out of the playlist and select it again for a chance.

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