Sully finally has a mustache in the latest Uncharted trailer

Sony just dropped a new trailer for the Tom Holland-led Uncharted live-action adaptation just as Spider-Man: No Way Home is in full swing.

It appears that there is no stopping Uncharted from coming true. After Sony dropped the film's first official trailer earlier this year followed by a poster a few weeks ago, Sony just released a new trailer. This time, it shows more off the live-action adaptation of the fan-favorite PlayStation franchise, including Sully's mustache, which is played by the actor who was supposed to be Nathan Drake many years ago, Mark Wahlberg.

Tom Holland will get a chance to kickstart the next big movie franchise as Nathan Drake in Uncharted.

Was the long road to Uncharted worth the journey?

Sully's mustache finally makes an appearance at the tail end of the film's second trailer.

Sony and PlayStation knew that they had struck gold with Naughty Dogs' Uncharted franchise as soon as it was out. How else could you explain Sony's intentions to produce a film based on the series? Unfortunately, it took around a decade for the wheels to start turning as Uncharted cycled through actors and directions before ultimately landing Ruben Fleischer as the film's director with the MCU superstar, Tom Holland, signing on to play a younger Nathan Drake.

Mind you, this isn't the same Holland that you've seen in theaters all these years; he's not a teenager who moonlights as a superhero in this film, he's a neophyte treasure hunter that occasionally defies the law of physics.

As we might have already mentioned, Uncharted took forever to get going. Now that it's effectively gone gold (or whatever the movie equivalent of that is), Sony is making sure that it gets as much hype as possible ahead of its premiere next year.

The newest Uncharted trailer does a great job of setting expectations: this is a prequel that sees a newbie Nathan Drake learning from Sully as the two faces off against an original villain in Antonio Banderas' Moncada and they fight over Ferdinand Magellan's long-lost loot. Although not everyone in the games will appear in the movie, it's clear that the live-action adaptation is taking heavy inspiration from all the gravity-defying feats that Nathan and co. are routinely known to pull off.

Audiences will get a chance to know more about Uncharted on February 18 when it hits theaters worldwide.

Until then, you can look forward to playing Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection on the PS5 on January 28. Sony is incentivizing fans to buy the next-gen update for two of the PS4's best-selling games by offering free tickets to Uncharted.

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