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New Suicide Squad 2 TV spot shows off the extent of Starro's powers

The giant starfish that is Starro takes the center stage in the latest Suicide Squad 2 TV spot.

Watch out folks. Starro's coming to the big screens near you.
Watch out folks. Starro's coming to the big screens near you.

The giant starfish of a bad guy known as Starro finally got the chance to showcase what kind of devastation he is capable of in the new Suicide Squad 2 TV spot.

If you're not quite sure who Starro is and what he can do, we recommend watching the trailer.

Even if you aren't, we do advise that you take a look anyway. It's awesome and is definitely the right way to generate even more hype for Suicide Squad 2 as we get nearer to its August premiere.

All things are a go for Suicide Squad 2

The Suicide Squad is part-reboot and part-sequel to the 2016 Suicide Squad film. Unlike the first movie to feature this ragtag bunch of villain-turned-reluctant heroes, The Suicide Squad will come from the "horribly beautiful mind" of James Gunn and is the next DCEU film to drop following Zack Snyder's Justice League that premiered last March 18, 2021.

Not all the cast members that were present in the first Suicide Squad film will return for the upcoming film. Instead, it will prominently feature a host of new characters, some of which are relatively obscure and unknown to the casual audience.

We're talking about the likes of Polka-Dot Man, portrayed by David Dastmalchian, and Weasel, played by Sean Gunn, among others.

Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn is one of the few characters from 2016's Suicide Squad that will be returning in The Suicide Squad.
Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn is one of the few characters from 2016's Suicide Squad that will be returning in The Suicide Squad.

Considering the name of the film and the nature of Amanda Waller's infamous lineup, it's safe to say that a huge chunk of the film's extensive cast of characters will not be making it to the end of the film.

Having said that, we should expect the movie to be able to showcase what each member of the updated Task Force X will be capable of as they head for the fictional island of Corto Maltese to take out a Nazi-era prison and laboratory known as the Jotunheim.

Being that The Suicide Squad is still a superhero movie, albeit with a villainous twist, their mission won't be without its fair share of obstacles. Chief among them is Starro, the giant starfish villain. According to Gunn, he chose Starro because he looked ridiculous and terrifying at the same time, which is a sentiment that most of us are inclined to agree with after watching him in action.

In addition to Starro's spore abilities terrorizing an entire crowd, the latest TV spot for Suicide Squad 2 also previews the other members of Task Force X while providing some backstory about Idris Elba's Bloodsport.

Even though there have been multiple trailers and sneak peeks for The Suicide Squad that has been released so far, the entire movie remains just as much of a mystery now as it was back then. Case in point, Starro might have starred (pun intended) in the latest TV spot, but he's far from the only villain that will show up in the film.

Which villains Gunn is talking about is anyone's guess at this point. However, we can safely assume that it's going to be someone who fits well with Gunn's description of Starro.

As we near The Suicide Squad's premiere date on August 6 (August 5 on theaters), we can expect to see more trailers and TV spots pop up in the next couple of weeks.

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