Sucker Punch claim to have "no plans" to make new Sly Cooper or InFamous games

If it's any consolation, the studio did say that it would "never say never to re-opening those doors down the road."

Since Sony seems to be eager to revive classic franchises these days, fans are wondering if Sly Cooper is next. After all, the multiple leaks can't be all wrong, right?

Sucker Punch No Plans New Sly Cooper Or Infamous Games
This is not Sucker Punch saying no to Sly Cooper and InFamous forever, but more like "not yet."

In March, a top insider claims that new Infamous and Sly Cooper games are in the works. Then, a few days later, the same source claimed that the game's original developers, Sucker Punch Productions, are not involved in the new installments.

As if responding to the said rumors, Sucker Punch came forward today to drop bad news.

The Ghost of Tsushima studio confirmed in a blog post that it has "no plans" to revisit its iconic franchises. The company explained that it needs to devote its "full attention" to its current projects. To make matters worse, Sucker Punch also confirmed in the same statement that no other studio "is currently working on projects related to [InFamous and Sly Cooper] either."

Sucker Punch Productions communications manager, Andrew Goldfarb, hopes that the blog post will help put "some misleading rumors to bed."

In an ideal world, Sony would have something planned around the series' 20th anniversary. Unfortunately, Sucker Punch's statement is pretty definite. We'd love to at least see the HD Sly Collection available on the PS4 and the PS5 even if only as part of the PS Plus Premium or Deluxe tier, but that's probably not too much to ask at this point.

Hopefully, Sucker Punch can get on with the projects it's currently working on and circle back to the franchises that made it famous.

Sly Cooper isn't the most recognizable PlayStation mascot, but it still had its fair share of fans in the early 2000s. Sly could give the PlayStation brand a new exclusive family-friendly character that today's kids can rally behind now that Crash and Spyro belong to Microsoft.

Sucker Punch No Plans New Sly Cooper Or Infamous Games
We would have loved to see how destructive and awesome a PS5-exclusive InFamous game would be like.

In other news, multiple job listings suggest that Sucker Punch is working on a sequel to Ghost of Tsushima. The follow-up could prove to be an even bigger undertaking compared to the original. We understand why Sucker Punch is refusing to spread itself thin when it's working on something so big. Sucker Punch is also expected to lend Chad Stahelski a hand with his live-action adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima. Finally, a Ghost of Tsushima PC port was included in last year's infamous Nvidia GeForce Now leak.

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