Streamer pulls off fastest nuke in Warzone 2.0

Call of Duty streamer Jinsu pulled off the amazing feat in just two minutes.

Getting a Nuke or Mass Guided Bomb (MGB) killstreak is a feat unto itself in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It requires players to aggressively push the pace and hunt down enemy teams relentlessly to get a chance to unlock this game-changing weapon.

Warzone Nuke Art
A player managed to achieved a nuke killstreak in record time.

The Nuke requires a player to get 30 player kills without dying in a single match, in order to become accessible. Getting a hold of a Nuke means that the team will automatically win the match once it is deployed. When triggered, the killstreak calls in a massive airplane that drops five bombs to decimate the entire field, and the team that calls it in gets the win.

Many players (myself included) are struggling to get that first nuke, but one very talented YouTuber has managed to do it in record time.

Modern Warfare Nuke Art
Jinsu achieved a record time of one minute and forty-one seconds to get the nuke killstreak.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 streamer Jinsu achieved the 30 killstreak in a record time of one minute and forty-one seconds. This was done in a 6v6 hardpoint game mode. In this mode, players must capture and defend a moving objective to earn points to win a match.

The clip shows the blistering pace that Jinsu was playing from the start of the killstreak. Just to be clear, the run was not from the start of a match and the timer started when the player made his first kill.

Jinsu equipped two marksman rifles with the Overkill perk and both rifles didn't use scopes but rather iron sights.

The player used a SA-B 50 and SP-R 208 for this run. Both guns had short barrels and were tuned for faster Aim Down Sight (ADS) speed. In the video, Jinsu is seen using tactical sprint to rush opponents and perform one-hit kills.

The player clearly mastered the map that they are playing on. He also made good use of his UAV killstreak to give him a better idea of where the enemies are located. Most of the opponents he encountered did not even stand a chance with his one-shot rifles in such close quarters.

Warzone Nuke Cover
Deploying a tactical nuke automatically wins the match.

Checking out his other videos, Jinsu is undoubtedly very talented. He claims to be the #1 sniper on Rebirth Island and his Best of Jinsu video is simply amazing to watch.

Over on Twitter, fans have been calling him FaZe Jinsu, alluding to the popular FaZe Clan, a popular esports team on CS: Go.

It would be impressive if Jinsu pulled off a nuke killstreak speedrun on Warzone 2.0. It wouldn’t be as fast as the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer match but it would be awesome.

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