Twitch streamer leaks The Callisto Protocol online

The Callisto Protocol isn't scheduled to launch until December 2.

Things have gone sideways quickly for Striking Distance Studios and The Callisto Protocol over the past 24 hours. After the first few minutes of the game were leaked online, at least two hours' worth of the gameplay footage followed suit, and now, a streamer has spoiled the entire game.

Streamer Leaks The Callisto Protocol Online
Striking Distance Studios can't just seem to catch a break these days.

With only a few days to go before the official launch of The Callisto Protocol on December 2, someone leaked the entire game on Twitch. It's still available for you to watch, which isn't good news. But, if it's any consolation, all the early comments about the game so far have been nothing short of positive. The consensus is that the Unreal Engine 5 sci-fi horror game is polished and enjoyable as well as downright terrifying.

At the very least, this should encourage gamers to buy The Callisto Protocol and try it out for themselves.

Streamer Leaks The Callisto Protocol Online
The review embargo for The Callisto Protocol lifts on December 2, the same day that the game becomes available.

Of course, there's still a huge difference between hearing from critics about how the quality of the game and actually seeing it in action. The leaked footage includes the entirety of The Callisto Protocol. For gamers who'd just like to know what the game is about, seeing all of the action unfold ahead of its launch might discourage them from buying it. On the other hand, seeing the game in action this early on could bring in those who've had reservations about The Callisto Protocol.

In the end, it's hard to spin this in a positive way, but we're at least hoping that the game's director, Glen Schofield, can keep his head up high amidst the turmoil.

The Callisto Protocol is expected to get paid post-launch content following its release that includes more of the single-player campaign as well as "premium" death animations.

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