Stranger Things Season 4 widens gap as the most-watched English series on Netflix

The gap between Stranger Things Season 4 and Money Heist part 5 is slightly higher than the one between the recently-concluded show and Squid Game.

We've known for a while that Stranger Things season 4 is the most-streamed English show on Netflix. The only question was, "how high can it go?"

Stranger Things Season Most Watched English Series Netflix
Stranger Things was already one of Netflix's best shows. Season 4 turned it into one of the best shows of its generation.

Now, we know where Stranger Things Season 4 will likely land in the record books.

According to the "official" numbers, viewers have ventured into the Upside Down for a total of over 1.26 billion hours over the show's first 28 days of streaming. Because of this, the sci-fi series just the second show on Netflix to have more than a billion hours viewed over its initial 28-day period. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Stranger Things season 4 will beat Squid Game. The Korean survival drama series still leads by nearly 400 million hours. But, at the same time, we can't count Stranger Things out just yet.

While it would take a massive effort for Stranger Things season 4 to take down Squid Game, the penultimate season's very lengthy final episodes still have a couple of days to go until July 28.

Stranger Things Season Most Watched English Series Netflix
It will be interesting to see how well Season 5 will do given it won't be as long as Season 4.

Here's the complete list of Netflix's 15 most-watched shows (first 28 days of release) of all time:

  1. Squid Game season 1: 1.65 billion hours
  2. Stranger Things season 4: 1.26 billion hours
  3. Money Heist part 5: 792.2 million hours
  4. Bridgerton season 2: 656.2 million hours
  5. Bridgerton season 1: 625.5 million hours
  6. Money Heist part 4: 619 million hours
  7. Stranger Things season 3: 582.1 million hours
  8. Lucifer season 5: 569.5 million hours
  9. All of Us Are Dead season 1: 560.8 million hours
  10. The Witcher season 1: 541 million hours
  11. Inventing Anna: 511.9 million hours
  12. 13 Reasons Why season 2: 496.1 million hours
  13. Ozark season 4: 491.1 million hours
  14. The Witcher season 2: 484.3 million hours
  15. 13 Reasons Why season 1: 475.6 million hours Stranger Things Season 4 widens gap as the most-watched English series on Netflix#StrangerThingsSeason4 #mostwatchedseries #Netflix ♬ original sound -

Speaking of Stranger Things, the showrunners have confirmed that the final season will not have a similarly lengthy runtime. Netflix also launched a Stranger Things NFT. Finally, even if Stranger Things doesn't beat Squid Game, it's still the only show to take down Netflix for a while after it premiered.

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