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Below is our recommended Stoner 63 loadout for Warzone. Other weapon loadout guides can be found here.

The Stoner 63 is one of the most hard-hitting LMGs currently in Warzone. Because of its hard-hitting nature, this LMG does have quite a kick to it. The recoil of this LMG is high, but not to the level where you cannot control it.

The recoil pattern is also fairly easy to get used to as it is a straight vertical recoil with a very negligible horizontal push. This custom class setup focuses on making the Stoner 63 a good medium to long-ranged LMG. You will have no issues taking out enemy players at medium range in terms of recoil. But, any target situated at longer than 200 meters will surely give you a bit of a hard time.

The attachments that we have here will minimize the vertical recoil and even the horizontal recoil and increase effective damage range for those shots to really damage the enemy players. Note that this weapon is not viable for short-range engagements. It is best to run an SMG as your secondary or any other weapon you feel comfortable with for CQC situations. Our recommended weapon includes the Mac-10.

For this custom class, you need to upgrade your Stoner 63 to at least level 46. We have a full guide on how to upgrade your weapon, battle pass tier, and player fast. You can also check out our guide on all the attachments for every Cold War weapon in Warzone, along with their unlock level requirements.

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For the Muzzle attachment, we recommend selecting the Agency Suppressor. Agency Suppressor is the equivalent of a Monolithic Suppressor from Modern Warfare (2019). It offers a range of benefits in addition to Sound Suppression.

The Muzzle helps you have better vertical recoil control, increased bullet velocity, and of course, increased effective damage range. The Agency Suppressor for the Stoner 63 unlocks at level 46.


Our recommended Barrel attachment is the 20.7" Match Grade. Normally, players would go with the 21.8" Task Force Barrel, which is a good barrel if you do not mind some more penalty on your overall mobility.

20.7" Match Grade only has one con, and that is decreased sprinting move speed. Other than that, the Barrel significantly increases your effective damage range. The 20.7" Match Grade unlocks at level 39.


You must select the Field Agent Grip as your Underbarrel attachment. The pros it offers are too good not to take advantage of. This Underbarrel gives you better Horizontal and Vertical recoil control.

The Field Agent Grip unlocks at level 41.


For the Ammunition, we recommend going with the 120 Rnd. The rest of them will slow your ADS speed significantly. However, the ADS is already decent and not so fast that we compromise even further with attachments that drag it down even more.

This is especially important if you select the Salvo 150 Rnd Fast Mag. This attachment makes the Stoner 63 completely useless, not just in the short-medium range but also in the long range. This is because, by the time you aim down sights, the enemy player would have already finished you off.

The 120 Rnd will reload slower, but at least it won't affect and slow down your ADS speed. Given the damage Stoner 63 does, 120 Rounds are more than enough even for trios, provided you hit your shots, of course.

The 120 Rnd ammunition attachment unlocks at level 8.


There are multiple options for Optics. It is a personal preference, but if you really want to take full advantage of this class setup, we recommend going with the SUSAT Multizoom. Yes, it is a very underrated Optic attachment that not a lot of people run.

You can also go with the good old trusty Axial Arms 3x if you wish to. But, for this particular class, we recommend going with the SUSAT Multizoom. This is because it allows you to switch your magnification between 2x and 4x.

The SUSAT Multizoom unlocks at level 32.

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