Stone Cold vs Roman Reigns could happen at WrestleMania 39

The WWE is apparently willing to bring out the binks truck and offer both wrestlers "huge money" to make the rumored match happen in April.

Nearly two decades after retiring from in-ring action, WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin stunned fans with his spectacular two-day performance at WrestleMania 38 last year. Now, fans can't stop begging for more and it appears the WWE, and Stone Cold, are more than happy to deliver.

stone cold vs roman reigns wrestlemania
Having "Stone Cold" Steve Austin at WrestleMania 39 would be great, regardless of who he'll be fighting against.

Shortly after rumors that Stone Cold is close to being a sure thing for WrestleMania 39, Fightful Select is claiming that the WWE has given the Texas Rattlesnake a "huge money offer" to face off against the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns in a "major match".

This might be what WWE has planned as an alternative to Roman Reigns vs The Rock after discussions for a match between the blood brothers broke down due to The Rock's unavailability.

But, the report adds that it isn't sure if Austin has already accepted the offer, which, as per WrestlingNews, is bigger than the offer he received last year over the summer.

At 58 years old, Stone Cold's prime wrestling days are behind him, but that doesn't mean he hasn't kept himself in shape. His workout videos are one of the biggest reasons why fans will never stop believing he's still got what it takes to wrestle, especially at WrestleMania.

However, as much as we'd love to see Stone Cold take on Roman Reigns, the honor of dethroning the Tribal Chief belongs to someone who competes regularly, specifically, Cody Rhodes.

stone cold vs roman reigns wrestlemania
Despite retiring from competition nearly 20 years ago, Stone Cold maintains regular appearances with the WWE.

Reigns' run will be over 950 days by WrestleMania 39, which gives him the longest world championship title reign since the 1980s. This is all assuming the WWE doesn't have other plans until then. For now, all we can do is enjoy the show, which fans have been loving so far despite all the turmoil going on behind the scenes.

If you'd like to be a part of the action, WWE 2K23 has been confirmed to launch on March 17 with John Cena as the cover star.

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