Stone Cold looks like his prime self amidst WWE Wrestlemania 39 return rumors

Stone Cold's recent photos are making fans salivate at the possibility that the Texas Rattle Snake will return to the wring in a few months' time.

WWE fans could be in for a massive surprise after "Stone Cold" Steve Austin showed off his ridiculously jacked physique in a recent photo.

Stone Cold Looks Like Prime Wwe Wrestlemania Rumors
You'd think Stone Cold was still actively competing given how physically imposing his figure remains.

The WWE Hall of Famer proved that he's not too far removed from his wrestling days in April after beating Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 38. But, if you look at Stone Cold's most recent photos, we wouldn't blame you if you thought Stone Cold is still part of the WWE's active roster.

Stone Cold shared his prime-like current self on Instagram as he put himself through the paces with an intense cardio workout. It didn't take long for fans to start flooding him with questions, specifically if he preparing to lace up his boots for more than just a single bout. Fans are even theorizing that Stone Cold will make his first Royal Rumble appearance next January in over two decades.

A return at next year's Royal Rumble is also quite symbolic. Stone Cold still holds the record for the most Royal Rumble wins, with three.

Of course, Stone Cold has always looked pretty jacked for his age ever since he retired from the WWE. So, maybe we're just making much ado about nothing. But, hey, WWE fans are happy to grasp at straws, especially if we're talking about their favorite wrestlers. After all, Stone Cold isn't the only WWE legend rumored to return to the squared circle in the next few months.

Stone Cold Looks Like Prime Wwe Wrestlemania Rumors
Stone Cold looked pretty good in his first official wrestling match in nearly two decades earlier this year.

For example, Goldberg recently teased a WWE return. Not to mention, The Rock is believed to be returning to the WWE to challenge Roman Reigns, presumably at WrestleMania 39. There's also Logan Paul's "challenge" to John Cena and Triple H opening the door for CM Punk's return. The WWE could be working on seeing all of these wrestlers come back if only for one night, but until we hear official confirmation, it's best to temper our expectations.

Hopefully, the WWE will book Stone Cold for a main-event match soon. If it doesn't happen at Royal Rumble or WrestleMania 39, then maybe at a future event afterward.

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