Children of the Corn remake finally gets a release date

As far as we can tell, Stephen King had no involvement in the making of the film, which will debut in US cinemas on March 3.

children corn
Children of the Corn is a prequel remake of a 1984 film of the same name.

After spending two years in limbo, Children of the Corn’s prequel remake will finally be available to audiences across the United States. The supernatural slasher film premiered in two cinemas in 2020. However, it did not secure a wide release across the country, as was the original plan.

Fortunately, in what fans of the horror genre will agree is excellent news, the film will be available in theaters soon as RLJE Films and Shudder, the horror streaming platform belonging to AMC Networks, have acquired its distribution rights. The horror film is now scheduled for a limited theatrical release on March 3. The film will show for 18 days, after which it will head to Shudder on March 21.

Following the acquisition, Chief Acquisitions Officer Mark Ward stated that "We’re thrilled to work with Kurt Wimmer and bring his vision of this classic Stephen King story to new audiences."

Children of the Corn follows a twelve-year-old girl in the fictitious small Nebraskan town of Gatlin. She wreaks havoc on the town and its inhabitants after she is possessed by an evil spirit in a perishing cornfield. With the help of the other town’s children, she cruelly murders the adults, alongside everyone standing in her way. Fortunately, she faces opposition from a smart high school student.

Published as a short story in 1977, Children of the Corn is one of Steven King’s earliest works. It was originally adapted into a film in 1984. Despite negative reviews from critics, the film became a commercial success with a box office haul of $14.6 million against an $800,000 budget. It went ahead to spawn a franchise that includes eight sequels and two remakes, including a television film.

children corn
The original film followed a couple making their way across the town of Gatlin, Nebraska.

The original film chronicled a ritualistic cult of children who murder their town’s adults in return for a bountiful corn harvest from a malevolent spirit called He Who Walks Behind the Rows. Several years later, a couple accidentally stumbles upon the town while driving across Nebraska. The children attempt to sacrifice them but are unsuccessful. However, alongside the two children who aren't involved in the cult, the couple destroys the demon and frees the children.

Children of the Corn’s most recent prequel remake stars the likes of Elena Kampouris, Kate Moyer, Callan Mulvey, Bruce Spence, Stephen Hunter, and Erika Heynatz, among others.

Kurt Wimmer, popular for Point Break, Total Recall, and The Misfits, wrote the screenplay and also donned the director’s hat. Wimmer’s frequent collaborator, John Baldecchi, as well as Doug Barry and Lucas Foster, serve as producers. As far as we can tell, Stephen King had no involvement in the making of the film.

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