Stephanie McMahon steps down from as co-CEO from WWE

Less than a week after Vince McMahon forced his way back to the WWE, Stephanie McMahon stepped down from his post as the co-CEO.

It looks like Stephanie McMahon's tenure as the co-CEO and chairwoman of the WWE has come to an end. After six months at the top, McMahon resigned from the WWE effectively immediately in what can only be described as a worrying result in the wake of the return of her father, Vince McMahon. McMahon's resignation means that Nick Khan is now the sole CEO of the world's leading wrestling promotion.

stephanie mcmahon steps down from co ceo wwe
It's unknown if we'll ever see Stephanie McMahon step foot inside a WWE ring anytime soon.

Stephanie McMahon played a huge role in the popularity of the WWE over the decades, both on and off the screen. Much like her father, Stephanie wasn't afraid to get inside the ring and partake in the family business. In her later years, Stephanie would be often seen in an antagonistic role alongside her father and her husband, Triple H.

In the six months since assuming a part of the responsibilities her father once held for decades, McMahon, with help from Khan and her husband, Triple H, led the WWE to some of its most successful years yet. The WWE enjoyed its highest and best viewership numbers in years with WrestleMania 39 setting a new record as well. This is partly why Stephanie's decision to step down comes off as a shock.

With Stephanie now removed from her former post, Vince McMahon has returned as the executive chairman of the board with two former executives readded as well.

stephanie mcmahon steps down from co ceo wwe
Wouldn't it be something if Stephanie McMahon took her talents to the other side like the AEW?

With the executive side of the WWE in a state of disorder, it'll be interesting to see how it will affect the side that audiences can see. Hopefully, Triple H remains if only so he can continue his most recent bookings. If nothing else, letting Triple H do his job should bode well for McMahon's rumored plans to sell the WWE.

The Road to Wrestlemania officially kicks off with this year's Royal Rumble on January 28.

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