Steal Friends' Clones in Super Mario 3D World With Neat Trick

Super Mario 3D World is easily one of the most underrated platformers released in recent years, especially among Mario titles. However, for interested players, Super Mario 3D World has a lot to offer. This includes dozens of innovative and unique levels with inventive power-up items, as well as an accessible but challenging and enjoyable multiplayer.

This neat trick is a game-changer for the multiplayer component of Super Mario 3D World.

But while most gamers will discover most that Super Mario 3D World has to offer during their first few playthroughs, there is one hidden feature that most will have, no doubt, missed.

A Fun Hidden Mechanic

Super Mario 3D World changes the multiplayer gameplay up from other Mario games with local co-op by having players compete against each other. To reflect this change, Super Mario 3D World added a new power-up in the form of cherries that allowed players to clone themselves. However, while this is a pretty straightforward power-up, it has a hidden mechanic.

Apparently, if another player ground-pounds the opposing player's clones, they can steal that clone and make it their own.

Truth be told, Nintendo does have a penchant for hiding mechanics and details for players to discover, which makes this neat trick in Super Mario 3D World just one of the many. But, numerous players may have discovered it before - although, because it's not thoroughly explained, they probably thought it was a glitch.

With that said, since Nintendo themselves confirmed its existence, you can expect things to change going forward.

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As far as multiplayer goes, Super Mario 3D World has a lot to offer. This is especially when you consider the other titles available on the Nintendo Switch. Specifically, those that Nintendo ported over from their less-successful Wii U console.

Not only does it have a lot to offer on its own, but Super Mario 3D World also added a lot of new things that made playing Super Mario 3D World on the Nintendo Switch so much more rewarding.

Bowser's Fury is less of an add-on. In a way, it's more of a separate game. It has an impressive amount of content, so much so that many consider it as a prelude or a preview of what to expect from the next 3D Mario game. However, it's far too early to speculate about that at this point, with the game having only recently released.

Either way, this discover just made one of the best Nintendo Switch games in 2021 a whole lot better.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury was released on February 2021 is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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