State of Play returns next week, will focus on third-party titles and PSVR2 games

Sony's semi-regular digital event is coming back later this week and it's going to be a big one.

It appears that Sony wants to get the jump on everyone else.

PSVR2 isn't expected to be available until 2023.
PSVR2 isn't expected to be available until 2023.

With E3 2022 out of the way, June is anyone's for the taking and Sony wants to make sure that all eyes are on it first. After treating audiences to two State of Plays in March, the next State of Play will see Sony take center stage once again to reveal its coming slate of games.

According to the latest post on the PlayStation Blog, the next State of Play will go on for 30 minutes and will include "exciting reveals from our third-party partners."

Unfortunately, some have taken this phrasing as proof that we won't see first-party titles at the showcase.

At the moment, Sony hasn't given fans an update on its upcoming exclusives like God of War: Ragnarok, which is still expected to launch this year, or the long-rumored The Last of Us remake as well as its standalone multiplayer spinoff.

The news comes after Sony announced that the PSVR2 will have over 20 games at launch. Of the 20, the only confirmed project is Horizon: Call of the Wild. But, if we go along with the logic that the event will focus on third-party titles, we won't see Call of the Wild. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. It would mean that we'll get a better glimpse of PSVR2's lineup, and we're hoping that it's a lot better than what PSVR had at launch.

The last State of Play was good news for JRPG fans. Hopefully, the next one is just as memorable.
The last State of Play was good news for JRPG fans. Hopefully, the next one is just as memorable.

With June 2 just a few winks away, fans are understandably excited to find out what Sony has in store for audiences.

Hopefully, the next State of Play shows us some heavy hitters even if they're not from the usual suspects. The last showcase featured projects from Square Enix and Capcom such as Valkyrie Elysium and Exoprimal, respectively.

In other news, Sony just confirmed that it has multiple adaptations based on its most popular franchises on the docket. Meanwhile, Sony is looking forward to releasing at least two live-service games by March 2023. If we're lucky, we might just hear more about the said titles on Thursday.

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