Official comment: Starfield might not be coming out in June, after all

GOG has corrected the release date for the Starfield listing, promising to prevent such misinformation from spreading in the future.

Admittedly, we're all a bit starved for Starfield news. It's a combination of anticipation, hype, and the lack of updates from Bethesda that's resulted in people desperately grasping at straws for more info about Starfield.

Starfield Might Not Be Coming Out In June, After All
The wait for the release date of Starfield continues.

We haven't quite reached GTA 6 levels of speculation yet, but it's come to a point that people will jump at anything that offers info about Starfield. Case in point, an earlier leak from GOG claiming that Starfield will be out in June.

Unfortunately, as much as we'd love to play Starfield before the literal first half of the year ends, this isn't likely the case.

According to a statement sent to Xfire by GOG PR, the "June 29, 2023" release date of Starfield "was caused by a false interpretation of the release date section in one of our systems, and as a consequence, misleading information." They add that the release date listed for Starfield on the platform "has already been corrected" and that GOG is "working on a solution that would prevent such occurrences in the future."

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that Starfield isn't coming on June 29. At the same time, we shouldn't take the now-updated listing as proof that Starfield is launching on the said date.

Starfield Might Not Be Coming Out In June, After All
We're still hoping for a Starfield-themed custom Xbox Series X (that's actually widely available) when it comes out.

Starfield was always going to come with an unbelievable amount of hype. After all, it's the reason why Bethesda Softworks isn't working on The Elder Scrolls 6 yet. But, while delaying Starfield isn't necessarily a bad thing even if it's reportedly in a complete state already, withdrawing information about the game isn't a good idea.

Starfield is supposed to help drive up the struggling sales numbers of the Xbox Series S/X. If gamers don't know when it's coming out, they'll likely have to look elsewhere.

For what it's worth, not much time has passed since Bethesda promised to reveal the release date of Starfield. We're hoping it isn't delayed again, but if it is, Bethesda should at least be more transparent about when it'll be available.

In the meantime, current and prospective Xbox Series S/X owners can still look forward to playing Minecraft: Legends, Forza Motorsport, and Redfall, sometime in the next few months.

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