Starfield is having issues running on Intel GPUs

Intel has already delivered a driver update earlier today and promised to continue providing updates for the game.

ntel has provided a driver update with just a day remaining in early access.
Intel has provided a driver update with just a day remaining in early access.

The GPU issues for Starfield continue. This time it is Intel Arc GPUs that are reportedly struggling to run the highly anticipated Bethesda RPG. Starfield is launching tomorrow and it looks like it is not just the previously reported Nvidia GPUs that are having performance issues with the game.

During the early access period, many gamers using Nvidia GPUs reported low framerates even on the lowest graphics settings. Modders have stepped up to release mods that add DLSS support, improving performance on some of the newer graphics cards.

Players have also shared on social media that Starfield is unplayable on the Intel Arc GPUs, as the game window refuses to show when using Intel GPUs such as the A750. The Windows Task Manager reportedly showed that the Starfield application was open and took up significant resources. However, attempts to bring the window to the foreground have been unsuccessful.

Frustrated players aired their grievances on social media prompting a response from Intel. The PC hardware manufacturer said that it is aware of the issue with Starfield on the Arc GPU. "We are aware of issues with [Starfield] on Intel Arc graphics," Intel tweeted. "We are working to improve the experience for the game's general release next week."

The situation is quite frustrating for gamers who paid for the premium edition or upgraded to play the game five days ahead of the full release. The situation was aggravated by the fact that both AMD And Nvidia released driver updates over the weekend for Starfield while Intel players were left out in the cold. Intel has been lagging in GPU sales and the latest setback with Starfield isn't helping their cause.

We checked on Intel's promise to release a driver and the company has followed through. Intel announced that it has posted a new driver for players that provides fixes for known issues with Starfield. Intel promised to work on improving performance and stability with further updates.

"We've just posted a new driver for Intel Arc graphics users playing [Starfield]. This update addresses many functionality issues, including extended load times," Intel announced. "The driver engineering team is still hard at work on further stability and performance improvements, but we want to offer our fixes for this title as quickly as possible."

Despite the issues hounding Starfield during early access, it has been the most talked about game on social media. Critics have praised Bethesda for delivering a quality RPG that will be playable for many years. Others have noted that Starfield stayed true to its promise of being the least buggy release from the studio.

However, the performance issues for the PC release may affect the game's review scores once the general public is allowed to give ratings. The reviews are currently limited to media outlets and Steam curators. Starfield has been a very divisive title for the gaming community and it will not come as a surprise if a portion of the player base starts review-bombing the game on Steam.

Starfield is coming to PC and Xbox Series X/S on September 6, 2023.

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