Stardew Valley is getting another 'major' update

The developer ConcernedApe shares an update sharing what to expect in the new update.

Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone, the developer of the popular indie simulation role-playing game Stardew Valley, has announced a new update for the game in a recent tweet.

Although no official release date has been announced, players can expect new content and changes aimed at improving the game's modding capabilities.

Stardew Valley has been played by millions worldwide since its release in 2016 and has received critical acclaim for its charming graphics, engaging gameplay, and relaxing atmosphere. The game puts players in the shoes of a small-town farmer and challenges them to grow crops, raise livestock, and build relationships with the townspeople.

The title's last major update was in December 2020, and since then, several small patches and hotfixes have been released.

The upcoming 1.6 update is expected to bring new features and improvements, although the creator notes that it will contain less content than the previous update. Instead, the focus of the update will be to make it easier for modders to modify the game and improve modding capabilities.

Despite currently working on a new game called Haunted Chocolatier, the creator of Stardew Valley has reassured fans that he will prioritize working on the upcoming update. The release date for the update is unclear, but it is expected to launch on PC first, with other platforms following suit.

Stardew Valley has a dedicated fanbase that has kept the game alive for years, and the modding community has played a significant role in extending the game's lifespan. The upcoming update is expected to improve modding capabilities, which should further enhance the game's replayability and longevity.

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