Stardew Valley - How to Grow Plants in Winter With a Greenhouse

Winter is coming. And, as far as we know, this is always threatening, especially if most of your life in Stardew Valley depends on growing crops, plants, and anything colorful that doesn't grow and even dies in winter. Even if you're a rancher with thousands of animals, it's worth having a few vitamins on your plate to keep your stamina high, so you can dive into the dungeon while still having time to catch up with your dates - dramatization only, your stamina doesn't change according to the food eaten.

With your druidic powers, you can have sprites rebuild your Greenhouse for you

Ok, so how to grow plants in winter in Stardew Valley? With a Greenhouse.

How to Build a Greenhouse

The good news is, you don't have to build one because you already have one on your farm, it is located to the left of your home. Bad news, at the moment it looks like a wooden skeleton and its only use would be to fuel a fire. But there are two options you can take to restore it to its former glory and survive through snow and ice. There is a slow but cheap option, and there is a fast but expensive option, which is not so fast considering the amount of money you have to amass.

This is your greenhouse. If what matters is inner beauty, then it's beautiful.

Greenhouse for Free, but Lots of Work

Do you know the Community Center bundle quests in which you have to deliver some items and some glowy fairy give you rewards? Well, guess what the reward for completing the Pantry bundle is? Exactly, a wolf! Kidding, a greenhouse.

It is quite lengthy, but rewarding since every section gives you some kind of prize. To make it easier for you, we've summarized all the items you need to deliver to get a free greenhouse and survive through the winter without relying solely on eggs and slime corpses.

Spring Crops Bundle

  • Parsnip
  • Green Bean
  • Cauliflower
  • Potato

Summer Crops Bundle

  • Tomato
  • Hot Pepper
  • Blueberry
  • Melon

Fall Crops Bundle

  • Corn
  • Eggplant
  • Pumpkin
  • Yam

Quality Crops Bundle

  • Parsnip (Gold Quality)
  • Melon (Gold Quality)
  • Pumpkin (Gold Quality)
  • Corn (Gold Quality)

Animal Bundle

  • Large Milk
  • Large Egg
  • Large Brown Egg
  • Large Goat Milk
  • Wool
  • Duck Egg

Collecting the crops is quite simple, but is lengthy, requiring you to do at least three seasons of work. Whenever you give them a Gold Quality crop you can see your wallet bleeding, but in the long run, it's worth it. The Animal Pack will require you to pick up some of the animals in the game, although it is possible to get all of these items from the Travel Cart, so be sure to check it regularly when you show up on Fridays and Sundays!

After donating all of the items, the Community Center will rebuild a kitchen and storage. When you sleep or pass out in the dungeon, you will watch a scene in which an angel fairy will rebuild your Greenhouse with magic and love. You will be able to use it the next day.

Pantry bundle complete and you will receive your reward the next day

Expensive Greenhouse, but Less Work

If you want to support capitalism, you can ask a giant company to do all the work for you. That is, after accumulating a lot of money by selling the Gold Quality crops that you could have donated.

Go to JojaMart and get a 5000g membership from Morris. This will allow you to access the Joja Community Development Form, which essentially allows you to pay for many of the improvements that the Community Center can make. You can either donate to make magic spirits help you or pay for a corporation to do what nature can do for free. The Greenhouse is as cheap as a Range Rover, for just 35000g you have a greenhouse ready to warm your belly in the next winter!

How to Plant in Your Greenhouse

Now accessible on your farm, the Greenhouse essentially functions as a normal field all year round. It is protected from random events and cold weather, but neither does it restore or provide for plants. You need to do the manual work of planting and watering, but you can install sprinklers. Best of all, you can plant regardless of the season since the greenhouse will maintain crops throughout the year, even if an avalanche buries Pelican Town.

Enjoy your greenhouse and plant whenever and how much you want, you deserve it
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