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Star Wars TV series Lando upgraded to feature film

Lucasfilm aims to lure audiences back to theaters with a high-budget Star Wars film after the disappointing performance of recent Star Wars television shows.


In a galaxy far, far away, a Lando Calrissian project that seemed to be stuck in a Sarlacc pit of development hell has received a surprising update. The smooth talking smuggler extraordinaire probably won a few rounds at the table, because his show just turned into a film.

According to Stephen Glover, the co-pilot of the Lucasfilm project and brother of lead actor and writer Donald Glover, Lando will now make its way to the big screen as it is now being developed as a film. Glover casually revealed the news on the Pablo Torre Finds Out podcast, saying:

"Torre: But wait, you said it's not even a show?"

"Glover: No. The idea right now is to do a movie. But, that's the thing, right now, because of the [writers'] strike it is kind of like telephone."

IGN has also corroborated this information through an insider, who revealed that Lando has been in development as a film for quite some time since Disney is currently not allowed to negotiate with the Glover brothers as a result of the ongoing Hollywood strikes.

To trace the beginnings of the Lando project, we must first go back to 2017, when Donald Glover stole the show as a young Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story. The film might not have been the box office titan Lucasfilm hoped for, but Glover's portrayal was nothing short of stellar.

Shortly afterwards, Lucasfilm's president, Kathleen Kennedy, teased a Lando-centric project, which many assumed would be a big-budget film. In 2020, however, it was announced as a streaming series for Disney+, with Dear White People's filmmaker Justin Simien attached to pen the script.

The Glover brothers have garnered critical acclaim for their work on the FX dramedy, Atlanta. The four-season series made its debut in 2016 and wrapped up just last year, securing a multitude of prestigious awards throughout its six-year run. Among its accolades are a pair of Golden Globes and two Emmy awards for Donald Glover.

In light of the lukewarm reception received by some recent Star Wars streaming shows, Lucasfilm appears to be placing its faith in the allure of a high-budget Star Wars cinematic release to win audiences back. 

Solo marked the first-ever Star Wars box office bomb, generating a meager $393.2 million in global revenue against a massive $300 million production budget. As Lucasfilm awaits the resolution of the Hollywood strikes, it will undoubtedly be hoping to steer clear of a repeat of this unfortunate outcome.

The latest live-action Star Wars release was Ahsoka on Disney+, and there is no timeline for the untitled Lando movie yet.

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