Star Wars: The Old Republic Patch Makes Amplifier Tab Collapsible

In the recently released 6.2.1 update, BioWare introduced changes to how your character sheet looked like in the story-driven MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. There were a bunch of other changes too, but this is what got the most negative feedback - in a surprising display of care for fan feedback, the issue is being fixed tomorrow.

Fans might argue over just how good a track record BioWare has regarding its response rate to feedback from the community, though there is plenty of evidence indicating they're pretty good about it. Nonetheless, credit where credit is due, this is a surprisingly fast response to an issue that players have been rumbling about.

Even more Spirit of Vengeance bugfixes hitting tomorrow.

With the introduction of an overhauled Amplifiers system in 6.2.1, the character sheet was altered to make these new stats more visible - this consisted of slapping a huge, ugly tab to the side of said character sheet that wasn't collapsible, hogging a ton of screen space. Now, a simple toggle option will be added allowing you to hide the Amplifiers tab, and we don't even have to wait long - the feature will roll out with tomorrow's 6.2.1a patch.

Of course, there is plenty more to the patch beyond just this one relatively minor feature, and while it is certainly the most visible of the changes, it may not be the most significant one. A bug that has been affecting stacked buffs has been fixed, meaning the following abilities will work as intended:

  • Kolto Shell/Trauma Probe of Mercenaries/Commandos (extra stack from Bodyguard discipline)
  • Ferocity/Precision of Sith Marauders/Jedi Sentinels (extra stack when Berserk is active)
  • Recklessness/Force Potency of Sith Assassins/Jedi Shadows (extra stack from Audacity utility)
  • Dark Ward/Kinetic Ward of Sith Assassin/Jedi Shadows (extra 5 stacks from Ward of Continuum tactical)
  • Roaming Mend/Wandering Mend of Sith Sorcerers/Jedi Sages (extra stack from One For All tactical)
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Many of these abilities have a crucial role in the meta of their given class, and the bug made them less effective in both PvE and PvP situations. Beyond these two major improvements, 6.2.1a focuses on a bunch of minor fixes and tweaks in the wake of the relatively large update that was deployed recently.

Bubble up

The patch will roll out tomorrow during the usual time, so expect the servers not to be available for a few hours. Hopefully this time around the weather conditions won't cause any unforeseen issues!

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