Star Wars: The Old Republic - Secrets Of The Enclave Flashpoint Guide

After a brief delay during maintenance, Game Update 6.3 for Star Wars: The Old Republic launched today, bringing players a brand new Flashpoint to continue the story alongside Galactic Seasons. The last Flashpoint to be released in an update, Spirit of Vengeance, had a pretty rough release with several bugs and balance issues making it punishingly difficult - let's take a look if Secrets of the Enclave suffers from the same issues, and how you can complete this latest encounter.

The Story So Far

The Republic and Sith Empire have renewed their war, though both sides are suffering from a resource crisis preventing them from making a move in the wake of the battle at the Meridian Shipyard. Darth Malgus, who was healed after his apparent death in the False Emperor Flashpoint and made the new Empire's Wrath went missing in the confusion, presumably going rogue once again and finding a way to neutralize the explosive "failsafe" planted into his skull.

Meanwhile Aryn Leneer has been living a quiet, unassuming life on Dantooine with her family since leaving the Jedi Order. An old rival of Darth Malgus', she had hoped never to meet the fearsome Sith Lord again, but precisely due to their past she felt his presence on the planet following his arrival. After a brief encounter in the ruins of the Jedi Enclave, she went to Tython to warn Grandmaster Satele Shan. Meanwhile, somehow the Empire also learned of his presence on the agricultural world. With both factions out to get Malgus once and for all, the Alliance Commander has been informed of his location as well, and sets out to settle the score.

Starting The Flashpoint

If you've already completed the story mission related to Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint, upon logging in following the installation of Game Update 6.3, you'll automatically find a new story mission in your tracker. If you haven't completed the Spirit of Vengeance mission yet due to the bug making it awfully difficult, you'll have better luck now that the 6.3 update has finally fixed the balance issues. For more help with that, check out our guide.

The mission in your tracker

To start Secrets of the Enclave, you can simply press the big "launch" button in your mission tracker, which will take you to Odessen. After a brief conversation, you and two companions whose identity depends on your faction are on your way to Dantooine.


Secrets of the Enclave is a medium-length Flashpoint with a bunch of bonus objectives that can buff out the runtime for completionists, at least the first time around. You will progress through 4 areas around and in the Jedi Enclave ruins, with some variation based on the faction of your character. That said, the Republic and Empire enemies are just palette swaps of each other, so there is no functional difference between the two versions - the only differences are in story and appearance. The whole Flashpoint oozes KotOR nostalgia, complete with a soundtrack with music from the original game, and a very faithful recreation of the Enclave layout, as well as a foray into the iconic crystal caves.

Players will be happy to learn that Secrets of the Enclave is properly balanced on Story Mode, unlike Spirit of Vengeance was, and is easy to complete on this difficulty setting. For one, the healing abilities of the story-mandated companion are actually worth a damn this time around, and the enemies are sufficiently balanced.

A group of Republic enemies

The bosses are also surprisingly not reliant on any outstanding mechanics, and simply brute-forcing them is absolutely viable on Story and possibly even Veteran modes - there are however some things to pay attention to if you have weaker gear or are running on a higher difficulty, and we will note these in the guide.

The trash mob types you will encounter are as follows:

  • Weak: Zeldrate, Xuvva, Juvenile Kath Hound, Skar'La Swarmer, Medic, Grunt, Scout, Recruit, Incursion Detection Drone, Obsolete War Droid, Reactivated Battledroid
  • Strong: Alpha Kath Hound, Kath Hound, Skar'la Swarmherder, Veteran, Sniper, Enclave Defender
  • Elite: Overseer, Commander, Taskmaster, Enclave Assault Unit, High Security Warden

As always, the rule of thumb is to kill healers first - in this case, only the Medic unit heals other trash mobs - and then work your way up from weakest to strongest enemy in an encounter. The only observation worth noting is the surprising damage dealt by Kath Hounds - not even the Alpha Kath Hounds, but their regular kin. Coupled by their low-cooldown knockback and stun ability, facing down multiple in one group can lead to you being overwhelmed. Keep an eye out for them.

Secrets of the Enclave Walkthrough

Enclave Approach

Enclave Approach

The first area you need to fight your way through has no bosses, and is quite open as far as Flashpoints usually go, with a pretty 'open-world' style objective too - you need to clear out three enemy camps, and destroy three patrols. Patrols, as their name suggests, patrol throughout the area and will be easy enough to encounter. They usually consist of Weak and Strong enemies only, and should give you no trouble. Just make sure to eliminate the two Medics usually part of the group.

Thermal grenade pick-up

The three camps each have one Elite and multiple Medics. Additionally, they all have one weapon pickup that has a single charge, giving you a thermal grenade, a cryo-grenade and a missile. You probably won't actually need these to complete the Flashpoint, but either way it's best to save them for the first boss.

After clearing the camps and patrols, it's time to go through the tunnels to the next area - but before you proceed, scroll down to our Bonus Objectives and Hidden Achievements sections, as the Enclave Approach houses many of these.



This is a fairly short area containing one boss. You'll encounter the Skar'La Swarmers and Skar'La Swarmherders here, which are fairly puny enemies that try to overwhelm you with numbers. After cutting through a few of them, you'll come up on a larger cavern with the first boss, Graul.

A group of Skar'la

Graul is a large beast, somewhat similar to a Rancor - but not quite. Nonetheless, the encounter goes about as you'd expect in the first stretch. Graul uses slow, heavy hitting attacks and a crush ability covering a forward cone that follows the target. As you whittle down his health come two new mechanics which at higher difficulties are bound to cause more than a bit of chaos.

Spotting Graul

First, the ruckus of the boss battle attracts the attention of the Skar'La Swarm, and very large groups of Swarmers will spawn - the difference is, these have a new ability. Periodically characters will be "scared by the horror of the swarm", during which autorun is forced to be enabled, meaning you cannot stay in one spot.

Attack telegraph

This, combined with a cave-in ability from Graul that spawns a bunch of Area-of-Effect damage zones in the arena can lead to your character running straight into a red circle. You need to pay attention to steering during this effect.


After taking down Graul, you're free to proceed to the next area.

Swarmer spawn

Enclave Lower Level

Enclave Lower Level

This area has two bosses, one of them being this Flashpoint's bonus boss, and a hidden achievement.

Here you'll start encountering the droid enemies not present in previous areas, who are the remnant automated defense systems that originally protected the Enclave. They should be easy enough to dispatch if you pick off the small floating Incursion Detection Drones first. The area is full of cracks and crevasses in the ground, some of which are hard to spot, that will instantly kill you if you fall.

There isn't much of note here aside of the bonus objective and relic until you reach the large circular chamber near the end, which houses the second boss of the Flashpoint - or, bosses, technically. Whoever the "main" boss is based on your faction will be backed up by two teammates, and the three enemies synergize their abilities.

Prepare for trouble and make it... triple

Now, if you are going through story mode with 306 gear, you'll likely faceroll them before they have a chance to pop these abilities, but the basic idea is that over time they'll cycle through temporary self-buffs. The grenadier will equip stronger grenades, and so forth. While trying to kill the bosses as soon as possible is what players do anyway, here there is an added incentive, as the longer you let the fight drag on the harder it will be.

Call him 'Tiny'

After you slay the trio, you can progress towards the next area, or head forward to take on the bonus boss, provided you have completed the objective on this floor. This boss is the Monstrous Terentatek hidden in the topmost room of the map. A fairly straightforward fight, the Terentatek has a Crushing Leap interruption ability which it telegraphs with the same little floating skull icon above the targeted enemy as you see during the Graul fight when 'fleeing in horror of the swarm'.

The game handily tells you when to punch the glowing stick

Periodically the Terentatek will also draw power from one of two 'Behavioral Adjustment Devices' in the room that need to be destroyed to prevent this process. Luckily, they don't have health bars, but can simply be right clicked for an interaction that destroys them. Killing the Terentatek will yield loot and and achievement.

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Right click these

Enclave Upper Level

Enclave Upper Level. Familiar?

The final area of the Flashpoint will in particular pluck the heartstrings of KotOR fans, being a carbon copy of the Ebon Hawk's landing area and Jedi Council chambers from the seminal RPG. Now, however, the landing zone is filled with excavation equipment and angry angry droids, alongside some wantonly strewn about explosive cylinders that likely violate a dozen security regulations.

Half expected an Ebon Hawk easter egg here

After clearing out the trash mobs in this landing area, all of whom are droids, your adversaries will set off an explosion blocking the way forward with a cave-in. Luckily, you have plenty of explosives of your own on this side of the blockage, so you have to gather some of them - just interact with three of the explosives cylinders. They handily glow slightly blue like all interactable objects in the game, and there are much more than 3 in this area, so it isn't really a scavenger hunt.

Once you blow the passage way, you need to fight your way through a few more small clusters of trash mobs, pass through the courtyard area and into the training room where you first construct your own lightsaber in KotOR. Here, there is a large blast door with a gap sliced into it which stands between you and the final boss.

Now, depending on your faction, the last boss you face is either Jedi Master Leeha Narezz, or Colonel Braden Golah of the Imperial Reclamation Service, both of whom are returning characters from vanilla content. There are some differences in the encounter, but in broad strokes you're still fighting the same fight. Over the course of the battle, the boss will summon some minion droids.

The years weren't kind to her

Some of these additional mobs will either deal consistent damage, or act as kamikaze bombers dealing a huge hit on explosion. The boss has several AoE abilities that can really knock you, and as you whittle them down to the last of their health they start casting a real heavy hitter that affects the entire room. In story mode you'll probably take them down before the cast time ends, but in higher difficulties this can cut down your and your teammates' health significantly. As usual, focus on killing the spawned droids ASAP during the battle whenever they pop, but don't worry - they're not the wipe-inducing terminators that appear in the last fight of the Spirit of Vengeance.

It's always droids with Narezz

Once Leeha or Golah go down, you're all set - the Secrets of the Enclave has been completed! But wait - there's more to this Flashpoint.

You don't actually fight Malgus - that's being saved for a future expansion!

Bonus Objectives

When you reach the Enclave Lower Level, you'll immediately receive the Bonus Objective "Containment Protocol Xesh" which requires you to destroy containment terminals - three in total, called Aurek, Besh and Cresh (these correspond to the letters A, B and C in the 'Aurbesh' alphabet, which is the in-universe written form of the Common language).

These are all marked on your map in sequence, so finding them shouldn't be hard. When you reach a terminal, it will glow blue and you need to interact with them. Upon doing so, a High Securty Warden droid will spawn. These are melee enemies, and despite being Elite rank aren't hard to kill. The interesting part here is that when they die, they will become "haywire" and release an EMP pulse which has a pretty huge animation, but the actual range of the effect is quite short.

Essentially, the droid needs to be close to the terminal you interacted with upon death for it to be destroyed. They seem like they spawn close to the terminal, but don't be fooled - you need to kite them close and keep them there. Once you've managed to destroy all three terminals with this approach, you'll be able to access the room with the Monstrous Terentatek boss at the end of this area.


With two different enemy versions, you have double the kill achievements!

Aside of the regular "Kill x enemies" and "Kill this boss x times" achievements there are some more involved ones in Secrets of the Enclave.

Kath Hound Compassion

The Kath Hound cage release

To unlock this achievement, you need to set free a Kath Hound puppy who is locked up in the third enemy camp in the Enclave Approach area. It is hard to miss - just look for the large force-field cage with a Kath Hound inside. On the side of the cage is a large interactable panel that deactivates the field.

Location of the Kath Hound cage.

Secrets of the Past

This achievement will have you digging for 4 relics scattered around the map, beginning to end. The challenge here is that, beyond being hidden in places you wouldn't naturally go, these objects do not have the usual blue glow.

The first relic

Two of the four relics are found in the first area, Enclave Approach. One is in the pond area with the three "Buddies" (more on that below), and is a small datapad. The other is by the other lake next to the third enemy camp, on the shore along the 'inlet' area.

The second relic

There are no relics in the Tunnel map - the third one will be found in the second catacomb connecting two rooms in the Enclave Lower Level.

The third relic

The final relic is behind the tree on the right of the blocked passage on the Enclave Upper Level.

The fourth and final relic

Hidden Achievements

Secrets of the Enclave is pretty loaded with achievements that will have you play scavenger hunt, as well as one that will challenge your speed and patience. First off, let's start with the easiest ones:

Admiring The View

As far as the game's easiest achievements go, this is definitely giving the rest a run for their money - the only real "challenge" here is that since it is hidden, you wouldn't know it exists at all unless you unlocked it accidentally, or read a guide like this one. Literally all you need to do is stand in one place on the cliff overlooking the Enclave right in front of the shuttle for a few seconds. That's it.

Thought I Could Make It

This one is similarly easy, and we imagine more people will bumble into it by accident. Right where you reach the Enclave Lower Level map, there is a wee chasm on the ground in front of you spanned by two makeshift bridges. If you fall into this chasm and die, you'll unlock the achievement. None of the other many, many insta-kill chasms on this map will unlock it, though.

Little Buddies' Buddy

This one is the worst.

Buddies my a--

Down in a secluded pond area on the Enclave Approach map are three friendly animals with an interactable bowl in front of each. If you try to interact with them just like that, some text about them being annoyed with your lack of treats appears on-screen, but nothing else.

Location of the buddies

Scattered around Enclave Approach are three crates that give you a temporary status effect of having a food item with you. Each crate gives you a specific treat, that a specific animal likes. You need to take that treat back to their bowl.

There are some complications. One, the status effects on the treats run out really, really fast. Luckily mounting is allowed in this area, but even with Speeder Piloting V and Advanced Mounting, the absolute fastest route from box to bowl will leave less than 1 second on the timer. A hair's breadth is all it takes to mess up. To compound the horribleness of this achievement, the boxes do not respawn - if you mess up, you need to exit the Flashpoint and reset the phase to try again.


Even worse, you need to do this three times! When you first successfully beat the odds and deliver all three treats, you don't unlock the achievement, you discover it - you have to repeat the process 3 times to unlock the achievement, but at least you get a cool Legacy Title that displays "Friend to Beasts".

The first crate will be located around the landing zone, either right under the shuttle or next to one of the trees. We, not knowing how this achievement works, instinctually interacted with it during our first run of the Flashpoint. Do not repeat our mistake.

Forget everything you think you know about immediately right-clicking stuff that glows

The second crate is located either behind the main tent of the second enemy camp, or next to a tree right across from the same tent.

This is the easiest one.

The third will be across the lake on a little outcropping from the third enemy camp, or behind a tree next to that same enemy camp.

Now, what you want to do before you touch the crates is fight your way through the various groups of trash mobs along the shortest route from crate to bowl. Since you are in a phase, the enemies won't respawn, giving you a clear route to your objective. Once this is done, go to a crate, position yourself as far away from it along your route as you can while still being in range for interaction - we're not joking, the milliseconds this buys you might be what you need - and right click, then mount instantly and off you go. The third crate is the furthest away from the bowls and is always the closest, so be prepared for some hair-tearing moments of missing it just barely, wasting the progress of the previous treats.

Now do this three times - good luck!

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