Star Wars Hunters: Release Date, Trailers, and More

The demand for more Star Wars content has never been more sky-high. This can be evidenced by the multitude of Star Wars movies and video games released and announced in recent years.

At this point, we wouldn't be surprised if Star Wars: Hunters ends up being a Star Wars MOBA.

So, is it really any surprise that another one is about to enter the proverbial fray?

Enter, Star Wars: Hunters, a free-to-play title was first announced at the February 2020 Nintendo Direct.

Scroll down to learn more about this upcoming Star Wars title.

What Is Star Wars: Hunters?

As a free-to-play title, expect Star Wars: Hunters to have micro-transactions in some form once it releases.

Star Wars: Hunters is a free-to-play title that intends to take the same combat and modes featured in Star Wars: Battlefront, albeit a lot more limited in scale and size, probably, to accommodate the less-powerful devices that the game will release on.

Because Star Wars: Hunters isn't going to be published by EA, nor is EA connected with it in any form, don't expect the game to be connected to the Battlefront series of games.

According to the press release, the game will feature "thrilling, team-based, multiplayer battles". However, surprisingly enough, the said press release emphasized that the game will feature "distinctive new Star Wars characters", so we probably shouldn't expect to see many familiar faces soon if any at all.

The release later added that the game will see the characters fight against each other inside an arena.

What Is The Star Wars: Hunters Story?

The trailer hints at least 5 playable characters for the game.

Seeing as this is a free-to-play multiplayer title, don't expect the story to take center place in Star Wars: Hunters.

So far, the only information that we have about the game is its setting. Apparently, it's set after the fall of the Galactic Empire. This means that it's set during the period in between the original trilogy and that of the sequels.

In case you missed it, that's the same period of time covered in the live-action Star Wars series, The Mandalorian.

We currently don't know when exactly during this period the game takes place. It's also neither been confirmed nor denied if the game will eventually move past this timeline and onto the more recent Sequel trilogy of movies.

Is There a Star Wars: Hunters Trailer Available?

Yes. As you can see above, there is a Star Wars: Hunters trailer.

The trailer was included with the original announcement of the game at the February 2020 Nintendo Direct.

Unfortunately, the gameplay leaves us with very little information regarding gameplay and story. Instead, it mostly features what is expected to be a location in the game, as well as other locations that might be available as well.

The trailer also takes its time showing players holograms of a Wookie, a heavy Stormtrooper, a Mandalorian, and a Red lightsaber-wielding fighter. This suggests that all of these will be playable in the game. Also, later on, a blue lightsaber pops up near the end of the trailer, so we might just see a Jedi included as a playable character in the game as well.

Now, all we need to find out is just exactly what kind of game Star Wars: Hunters is.

When Is The Star Wars: Hunters Release Date?

Star Wars: Hunters is expected to launch sometime in late 2021 for the Nintendo Switch platform, as well as iOS and Android devices. However, the game could be available in some form or capacity much earlier, as according to Zynga's regulatory filings, it will have a soft launch in summer 2021.

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