Star Citizen releases video of new ships as crowdfunding reaches $383 million milestone

Take a gander at the ships scheduled in the development pipeline as Star Citizen celebrates reaching $383 million in funding.

Chris Roberts just released two new videos for his expensive lovechild, Star Citizen. The videos aim to help give backers a look at what's coming to the game in the future.

More ships are coming to Star Citizen in the future.

Star Citizen split its latest video into two parts. The first one gives audiences a glimpse of the ships currently in development and those that are expected to come to the game down the line. This includes some gnarly-looking space-faring vehicles like the Drake Vulture and the Aegis Redeemer.

In the second video, Rich Tyrer takes the center stage. Star Citizen's core gameplay director took the time to discuss all of the additional content and features that are coming to Star Citizen soon.

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What's next for Star Citizen?

In case you missed it, Star Citizen has already pulled in $383 million in funding. This milestone comes just mere weeks after the $380 million mark was passed, which Star Citizen celebrated it by providing an update on the in-game hospitals as well as what happens whenever a player dies inside the game.

The game is currently in development with no release date in sight. This lack of clarity has forced fans to question if Star Citizen is still worth backing. However, despite the growing doubts among its fans, Star Citizen continues to attract investment. Just earlier this year, Star Citizen "only" raised $350 million to date. The amount of money that the game has pulled in this year suggests that it might hit $400 million in crowdfunding before 2021 ends.

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With that said, Star Citizen isn't exactly unplayable. The game just reached alpha 3.14. On top of this, the Cloud Imperium Games are working on a standalone single-player campaign, Squadron 42.

If you are itching for a space-faring game to help fill the void until Star Citizen releases, we've rounded up a list of the best space RPGs that are not named Mass Effect. Of course, you might also want to play Mass Effect as well, especially with the Legendary Edition already out. In addition to this, there are several Star Wars games that you can play as well.

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