Star Citizen funding crosses $380 million with new developer update

A new Star Citizen developer video reveals in-game hospitals and the respawning mechanic should you be slain in the 'verse.

Star Citizen, the massive crowdfunded space-sim project by Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts continues smashing crowdfunding milestones as development chugs along despite mounting criticism regarding the game's apparent inability to meet deadlines.

As funding passes $380 million, the developers have shared a video about in-game hospitals.

In the vast persistent universe of Star Citizen - which will become fully available at release, with a limited snippet available now for anyone with a game package - all sorts of dangers await pilots. Whenever we end up facing a challenge we cannot overcome and perish, there needs to be some way to get back into the game.

Getting back destroyed ships has been extensively explained by the developers - it makes sense this is a major sticking point, as currently ships for Star Citizen can be bought for real money, which is primarily how players crowdfund the game; and the ships can go for some hefty prices.

While insurance covers the vehicles, we didn't have too extensive a look at how pilots will come back to the land of the living - this is the topic of the latest "Inside Star Citizen" developer video, focusing on hospitals and medical care in the 'verse.

This also gives players a better idea of what it will be like to play an interstellar medic. One of the big selling points of Star Citizen is the huge degree of freedom players have when picking their playstyle. Alongside the generic options like explorer, pirate and merchant, more niche professions will also be fully viable when the game launches. If you want to become a space EMT and spend your time with search and rescue, you'll be able to do so.

We also get a look at the so-called "gold standard" development pass on the Aegis Gladius, Sabre, and Retaliator ships. These vessels have been in a complete and playable state for a while now, but the gold standard pass is what brings them truly up to snuff.

Cloud Imperium Games continues to make bank as backers keep funneling money into the project. Having long since become the record holding crowdfunding project, Star Citizen's budget recently passed $380 million. This is a bigger budget than what many AAA games have, but with the huge ambitions the game has all that funding will likely be needed.

Cloud Imperium has recently opened a new studio to produce more content for the game, and additional features like the major Theatres of War PvP system have been announced. As the game passed 3.2 million active accounts, it's clear that interest in the game is bigger than ever, despite years of delays.

Star Citizen's fancy, futuristic hospitals is where we'll wake up after being blown up in space.

If you are interested in Star Citizen but not ready to drop a full AAA game's price on a game package, you're in luck - there is a free fly event going on right now, allowing you to try out the game and a wide array of flyable ships in the currently accessible game modes and section of the persistent universe.

Star Citizen is currently in alpha version 3.14, with the single player campaign Squadron 42 in development without a release date.

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