Star Citizen announces free-fly week until the 15th

Cloud Imperium Games offers players access to eight ships with a combined cost of $2,155 for free during the free-fly event.

Star Citizen’s developer, Cloud Imperium Games, has announced a free-fly event until the 15th. At the same time, during its Ship Showdown 2022 event, the developer unveiled eight ships that fans can use for free during the free-fly period.

Star Citizen will probably reach the billion dollar-mark before it comes out as a complete product.
Star Citizen will probably reach the billion dollar-mark before it comes out as a complete product.

This isn't Cloud Imperium Games' first free-fly event this year. The developers regularly host these events so everyone can try out the game. In addition to this, CIG uses these opportunities to help bring more attention to Star Citizen by celebrating breakthroughs in the game's development, honoring community events, and providing interested supporters with an opportunity to experience the game before making their decision.

Star Citizen is a multiplayer, first-person shooter game that has been in development since 2011. In that time, Cloud Imperium Games has raised over $460 million from supporters, making it the highest crowdfunded game of all time. Due to its funding model, the game has faced numerous criticisms and legal issues.

If you haven't tried Star Citizen yet, this is your best chance to play one of the most expensive games ever made.
Star Citizen is free to play until September 15, 2022.

Unlike most games that carry upfront costs, Star Citizen operates a different pricing model. Players can only participate by buying individual ships. However, once you've bought a ship, you can earn others by grinding for in-game currency.

The eight ships that Cloud Imperium Games have given fans the opportunity to access have a combined cost of $2,155 and can be accessed at the game’s spaceports.

Here are the free eight ships:

  1. Anvil Carrack – the largest and most expensive ship in the game. It costs $600.
  2. Origin 600i Explorer – a luxury ship and the second most expensive ship. It costs $475.
  3. Aegis Redeemer – a small battleship with lots of weapons. It costs $325.
  4. Crusader Mercury – a fast, small multi-crew. It costs $260.
  5. RSI Scorpius – a heavily armed, two-seater fighter jet. It costs $240.
  6. Argo RAFT – a transport ship for a single passenger. It costs $125.
  7. Aegis Avenger Titan – a transport ship with little arms for a solo passenger. It costs $70.
  8. Anvil C8X Pisces Expedition – a small cargo transport ship. It costs $60.

Despite having been in development for over a decade, there is currently no release date for Star Citizen. Earlier in 2022, we revealed that the game and its spinoff, Squadron 42, are still some years away. Cloud Imperium Games is developing them for PC.

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