STALKER 2 is going to get optional NFTs

GSC Game World's upcoming post-apocalyptic game is getting quite a futuristic albeit controversial feature.

It appears that NFTs are going to come to video games no matter what. GSC Game World just confirmed that its upcoming shooter, STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl, is going to let the community "own a piece of STALKER 2" and incorporate NFTs. In addition, GSC Game World announced that they are turning at least one NFT buyer into a non-player character inside the game.

The only silver lining here is that Stalker 2's NFTs are all completely optional.

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Did GSC just doom STALKER 2 with its NFT announcement?

We're curious to find out exactly what else GSC has planned for Stalker 2's NFTs.

STALKER 2 is the latest installment in GSC Game World's underrated post-apocalyptic shooter game, STALKER. The game is set to release on April 28, 2022, more than a decade since 2009's Call of Pripyat. Because of how long it's been since GSC's last game, a lot of fans are looking forward to STALKER 2. However, with its recent announcement, it appears that the game's day one availability on the Xbox Game Pass might not be enough to get fans to try it.

According to GSC's recent news release, the "rights to certain unique items will belong to players," and that the owners can sell the virtual items on the DMarket platform.  GSC also added that those who are interested in the game's NFTs can register as early as this December, with GSC planning on auctioning off the NPC in January.

The gist of what GSC is planning is similar to what Ubisoft wants to do with Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Coincidentally, both GSC and Ubisoft are claiming that what they are doing is the first for AAA video games.

The good news here is that STALKER 2's application of NFT tech, for now, is only for a token that will pretty much let one player become a non-player character in the game. While GSC did confirm that more NFTs are coming, it did not go into much detail. Perhaps GSC is testing the waters first to see how audiences will react to the announcement.

Speaking of, GSC clarified that STALKER is "not a blockchain-based game" and that all the NFTs are "completely optional."

It will be interesting to see how GSC will adjust its NFT plans going forward seeing how much backlash its initial announcement has already gotten. Not to mention, Steam's stance against blockchain games still might pose a problem, especially if Steam doesn't agree with GSC's statement on how Stalker 2 isn't blockchain-based.

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