Squid Game creator reveal potential plot lines for Season 2

There are currently no plans for a follow-up season to Netflix's hit series, Squid Game, but the series creator already has ideas for it.

Squid Game just became Netflix's biggest launch ever, displacing Bridgerton for the top spot. Naturally, fans are begging for more. However, it appears that the streaming platform is in no hurry to renew the series for a second season just yet, nor is the series' creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk.

The series' creator just outlined some ideas that he's floating around for a potential second season of Squid Game.

But, despite clarifying that Season 2 of Squid Game is not in development, the drama show's creator/director isn't shy of revealing what plotlines he'd like to explore if he did work on a follow-up season.

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What can we expect from Squid Game Season 2?

It's been said that it took the Hwang more than a decade to come up with Squid Game.

As we've already mentioned, Squid Game just became the biggest show on Netflix. The series' popularity makes subsequent seasons a no-brainer, but neither Netflix nor Hwang have confirmed that just yet. It appears that both are still trying to make sense of how the $21.4 million series became so big all over the world. Hwang has even mentioned in several other interviews how Squid Game was intentionally written with several unresolved storylines after its first and only intended season.

Now that Squid Game is as big as it is, it's inevitable that Netflix wants more. It appears that Hwang is up for it too.

In a recent The Hollywood Reporter interview, Hwang talked about several ideas that he has for a hypothetical second season of Squid Game. He added that one plotline he'd like to explore is the relationship between detective Hwang Jun-ho and Hwang In-Ho, the latter of which was revealed to be the Front Man of Squid Game. He also added that Season 2 could explore the recruiter who found Gi-hun and delve deeper into Gi-hun's attempt to try and find out more about the people behind the titular game series.

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We agree that all three plotlines make excellent choices, but we're pretty sure fans would love to know more about the mysterious organization running the show as well. With Jun-ho potentially still alive and his brother now the one running the games following the founder's death, a second season should do just as well as the first one if not trump it.

With that said, the takeaway here is that Hwang already has ideas for Season 2. Even if it takes him a while to fully flesh things out, in order for more Squid Game to materialize, we do believe that most fans are willing to wait.

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