Square Enix is working on an unannounced PlayStation console exclusive

According to the reports, Square Enix's next PlayStation exclusive isn't Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts.

Square Enix's long and storied working relationship with PlayStation is no secret. Most recently, Square Enix released Final Fantasy VII Remake as an exclusive to the PS4 with a PS5-exclusive version coming a year later. Although the game did eventually come to the PC, it didn't happen for quite some time. So, when you hear more about Square Enix's next game being exclusive to the PlayStation, it's always worth paying attention.

Square Enix is either developing or publishing at least three Final Fantasy games simultaneously as of the time of writing.

What is interesting here is that Square Enix is working on an unannounced PlayStation console exclusive that the Japanese company is reluctant to reveal.

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What do you think Square Enix's next game is going to be?

Stranger of Paradise is the first new Final Fantasy game to be released since Final Fantasy VII Remake.

According to VGC journalist Jordan Middler (via Reddit), Square Enix is working on a new game that's not Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, or Dragon's Quest. It isn't Forspoken either, as the upcoming PS5-exclusive title is expected to release before Final Fantasy XVI. He adds that it is a game that would "potentially divert focus from FF16", which is Square Enix's next big game alongside Final Fantasy VII Remake Part II.

Middler also noted that he is surprised that Sony and Square Enix hasn't revealed the game yet. He points out last December's The Game Awards 2021 as the perfect opportunity to announce Square Enix's next game. This would suggest that the unannounced Square Enix title is, at the very least, ready to be revealed.

Unfortunately, Middler did not reveal which internal Square Enix team is working on it and what kind of game it is. But, if it can steal some of Final Fantasy XVI's thunder, we can assume that it's an all-new fantasy RPG.

Square Enix hasn't been afraid to make its displeasure with Marvel's Avengers lack of success known.

Jordan Middler also shared other interesting tidbits in the original ResetEra thread. For example, he refers to Ubisoft's partnership with Xbox as "interesting". But, he did add that "most of Square's stuff will end up on Xbox". At the same time, he warned Xbox owners not to expect Final Fantasy anytime soon "unless something changes." He clarified that Sony intends for the PS5 to be "the home of FF this gen." Miller hinted at Square Enix's plans to bring Final Fantasy VII Remake to Xbox consoles, but it appears that this didn't push through.

If it's any consolation, Square Enix is "keen to keep putting everything on PC." Unfortunately, Middler's statement came with a caveat, as Square reportedly doesn't care "if the ports aren't great," which isn't great news.

For now, you should take everything that you just read with a grain of salt. Even if Middler is an accurate source of information, things can change quickly in the video game industry. Case in point, Square Enix just delayed Final Fantasy XVI due to COVID-19. Even if we might see more of Final Fantasy XVI this year, we shouldn't expect the game to be released until 2024. If this is the case, then it makes no sense for Square Enix to keep an upcoming game a secret, especially if it can tide Final Fantasy fans over for the meantime.

Speaking of Square Enix, fans can look forward to seeing Forspoken, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, and Star Ocean: The Divine Force later this year.

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