Square Enix has sold more than 7 million copies of Final Fantasy 7 Remake since 2020

Final Fantasy 7 Remake's sales in three years aren't bad but most likely expected better.

It's been three years since Square Enix released the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the PlayStation 4.

After selling over 3.5 million units in its first three days of launching in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, fans held its collective breath in anticipation of what the next chapter in this remake trilogy would bring. The answer? Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

As the latest trailer for this sequel dropped, Square Enix celebrated another impressive milestone, announcing that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake has now shipped and sold over seven million units worldwide.

It's clear that Final Fantasy as a series is no longer in its prime years.

While these numbers are impressive in their own right, it's worth considering the broader context. It's been said that by August 2020, the game had reached 5 million in sales. This means that in the past three years, it has managed to sell an additional 2 million units, even with its expansion to two new platforms: the PlayStation 5 and the PC. This expansion introduced a newer version of the game called Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade in 2021, which featured enhanced visuals and an additional DLC episode spotlighting Yuffie Kisaragi.

Though Square Enix has faced delays, such as the original FF7 Remake's postponement by a couple of months because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they've consistently aimed to provide a polished gaming experience. The title recounts the gripping narrative from the opening hours of the classic Final Fantasy 7, breathing life into iconic characters like Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith as they challenge the malevolent Shinra Electric Power Company. Diverging from the original's ATB turn-based combat, the remake introduced an action-oriented system, presenting a modern take on a beloved classic.

Final Fantasy is due for a resurgence later this decade but that's only if Square Enix plays its cards right.

The journey of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, from its thrilling announcement at Sony's E3 presentation in 2015 (you may argue that it was first teased all the way back in 2005) to its significant sales milestones, highlights its influential impact. But it's not the only success story in Square Enix's portfolio. The release of Final Fantasy 16 earlier this year, albeit met with differing opinions on its gameplay changes and PS5 exclusivity, has garnered over 3 million units in sales in under a week.

Such figures become even more impressive when recognizing that FF16 achieved nearly half of what FF7 Remake did in three years, but only on the PS5 platform, which had a notably smaller user base compared to the PS4 at the time of FF7's launch.

However, this isn't a one-to-one comparison. The landscape has evolved, with changes in game distribution muddying direct comparisons between the two titles. For instance, the inclusion of FF7 Remake in PlayStation Plus' lineup, offering free copies to subscribers, could potentially affect the interpretation of the seven million units milestone.

Of course, despite the "low" numbers of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you won't catch Square Enix saying that it's not selling well.

In any case, it's surprising that this relatively "low" number for what's arguably one of the most beloved remakes in the past few years if not ever is celebrated while FF16's figures are criticized if not blamed for Square Enix's current financial woes

Ultimately, when you look at the numbers alone, it's clear that Final Fantasy is no longer as popular among mainstream audiences. 

As far as PlayStation exclusives go, God of War: Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West, and The Last of Us Part 2, among others, all enjoyed better numbers.

With a handful of Final Fantasy projects coming in the next few years, the future of the franchise is as bright as ever.

This isn't necessarily bad news, as Final Fantasy continues to resonate within its community while Final Fantasy 16 made new fans. Hopefully, Square Enix can continue doing more of both - retaining its fanbase while attracting more - over the next few years.

With rumored remakes of Final Fantasy 9, Final Fantasy X, and Final Fantasy Tactics on the way, as well as Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth coming in February - you can already pre-order the Collector's Edition - the brand's grip on its fanbase should remain as powerful as ever. 

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