Square Enix is rewarding Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth players with existing saves

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth won't allow save data transfers from its predecessor, but bonuses like exclusive summons await the dedicated fans.

Square Enix's way of handling older save files may ultimately pay off and help with its bottomline.

If you've dedicated hours mastering every twist and turn in Final Fantasy VII Remake in preparation for its sequel, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, you're in for a few surprises - both good and bad.

For starters, don't expect your hard-earned character builds or save files to carry forward.

Naoki Hamaguchi, the game director, clarified in a PlayStation Blog interview that although Rebirth directly follows the narrative of the Remake, players won't have the luxury to port their save files or character builds to the sequel. This is a move stemming from Square Enix's decision to ensure that each entry of the Final Fantasy VII remake project trilogy will stand independently. Such autonomy allows each game its unique balance, preventing levels and abilities from spilling over from one game to the next.

Leviathan is one of the longest-running summons in the Final Fantasy franchise.

But it's not all bleak for dedicated players. Hamaguchi hinted at a special nod to fans of the previous game. Square Enix is offering in-game bonuses that should catch the eye of ardent Final Fantasy enthusiasts.

For those with PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 save data from Remake, they will be rewarded with the summon materia, Leviathan. Meanwhile, if you ventured into the Remake's DLC expansion, Episode Intermission, the summon materia, Ramuh, awaits.

Beyond these special rewards, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth promises a trove of fresh content. The sequel is set to introduce novel materia, expanding upon what fans encountered in the initial game. Plus, character dynamics are shaking up. Red XIII is not only returning but will also be playable, armed with a new "revenge gauge" mechanic. Vincent Valentine, on the other hand, lurks in a veil of mystery. The latest trailer teases the presence of this enigmatic character, but Tetsuya Nomura, the creative director, left fans in suspense, hinting only at certain characters becoming official party members in subsequent titles.

Zack Fair's fate complicates things in a different timeline where we can only presume that Aerith is no longer alive.

If mini-games are your thrill, then Rebirth won't disappoint. A vast array of mini-games is on the horizon, with many speculating that the Gold Saucer will deliver hours of exhilarating gameplay. Story-wise, fans are gearing up for a heart-wrenching climax, reminiscent of the iconic moment from the original Final Fantasy VII where Aerith confronts her fate at the hands of Sephiroth.

While Nomura promises a journey up to The Forgotten Capital, how this chapter unravels in Rebirth remains shrouded in mystery.

Keep in mind that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will somehow have to add in Zack Fair, who was notably absent for most of the original FF7's narrative outside of the Crisis Core spin-off.

Ramuh, another long-standing Final Fantasy summon, will be sorely missed if it's going to be exclusively to those who already played through Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

The stakes are high, as Final Fantasy VII Rebirth prepares for its launch on PS5 come February 29th, 2024. And with the fresh trailer drop, fans have their hands full speculating about the trilogy's concluding installment.

Yet, amidst these revelations and tantalizing teasers, a question buzzes among the Final Fantasy community: Is the only pathway to unlocking Ramuh and Leviathan through Remake & Intermission PS5 saves? Such a move, while unexpected, could be ingenious. If you recall, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake gave exclusive access to summons like Carbuncle, Cactaur, and Chocobo Chick only for those who preordered or purchased the deluxe editions. Replicating a similar model with iconic summons like Ramuh and Leviathan might be the exact incentive players need to revisit or purchase the Remake.

If nothing else, this could drive up the sales of the FF7 Remake + Rebirth bundle or the first game in the trilogy, which, by the way, has reached 7 million units copies sold as of this week.

Can you imagine if Cloud's party will have to fight two Sephiroths from different timelines?

In a way, this may very well be Square Enix's reward for dedicated fans of the series. After all, the Final Fantasy franchise, much like the Soulsborne titles of FromSoftware, stands tall as a venerated IP, assured to resonate with its loyal fanbase.

It remains to be seen if Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will be released on the Xbox or the PC

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