Square Enix releases new Final Fantasy XVI trailer

The game is in its final stages and is scheduled for releases sometime next year.

Video game company Square Enix has released a new video for the upcoming installment of its popular video game franchise Final Fantasy. The trailer is dubbed Ambition and it provides a detailed backstory to the game, its realm, as well as the characters that inhabit that realm.

Ffxvi Ambition
The new Final Fantasy 16 provides a detailed look into the game's lore and characters.

The trailer’s description reads, "Who shall claim their fading light? From a single spark, will the land ignite. A new shadow rises to fall upon the Dominants, painting their destinies black as night. It has been fifteen hundred years since the fall of our forebears, and Valisthea has been slowly dying ever since. Darkness spreads as day gives way to twilight, the Mothers' flame now all but a flicker. And as the fringes fade, the people flock to the Mothercrystals."

The trailer’s release was accompanied by messages from the game’s producer Naoki Yoshida and the game’s director Hiroshi Takai.

In his message, Yoshida stated that the new trailer focuses more on the world’s lore and characters, rather than its action sequences as was the case with the previous trailer. He also wrote that the game’s production is in its final stages and promotion will begin in a few weeks with interviews that will provide fans with even more information.

Takai’s message reiterates Yoshida’s own about the game nearing completion. In his words, "As the game edges closer to completion, the team has turned its full attention to debugging and final adjustments. Now that things are starting to come together, the game is sizing up to be something truly special."

Ffxvi Ambition
The game will take place in the realm of Valisthea where Dominants can channel powerful Eikons.

The events of Final Fantasy 16 will take place in a realm called Valisthea. The realm possesses magical crystals that enable people to practice magic. Valisthea has different ruling houses namely the Grand Duchy of Rosaria, the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, the Dhalmekian Republic, the Iron Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Waloed. Valisthea has certain individuals called Dominants who can summon and control powerful creatures called Eikons. These Eikons make the Dominants incredibly powerful and capable of doing mighty things. The Eikons are Odin, Titan, Ifrit, Phoenix, Bahamut, and Garuda.

The game’s major characters are Clive Rosfield, his younger brother Joshua Rosfield, and their adopted sister Jill Warrick. Final Fantasy XVI will chronicle the war that spreads across the world and the part the characters play in it. The new Final Fantasy 16 trailer also showcases the game’s new combat system. Unlike prior installments which used a turn-based combat system, the upcoming title will use an action combat system.

Ffxvi Ambition
The game moves away from the turn-based combat system used in previous titles to an action-based system.

By the way, the Final Fantasy franchise will celebrate its 35th anniversary this year. Square Enix unveiled a website for the anniversary earlier in the year. It remains to be seen what else they have in store. Also, the developer will launch a second DLC for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin on October 26th.

Final Fantasy 16 is in its final production stages and is scheduled for a Summer 2023 release as a PlayStation 5 exclusive game. However, the game’s PS5 exclusivity is timed and when it elapses, Square Enix will release a version for other platforms.

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