Square Enix to Release Two More Final Fantasy VII Games

Square Enix recently capped off the show at Sony's most recent State of Play showcase by revealing news of the upcoming PlayStation 5 update for Final Fantasy VII, along with news that the game is going to get new content.

While nobody asked for a battle royale title based in the Final Fantasy VII universe, we wouldn't be surprised if Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier ends up being a massive success.

Apparently, that wasn't enough for Sony's long-time partners.

Not content with getting JRPG fans excited for a Yuffie-centric adventure, Square Enix recently announced that they're going to release two more Final Fantasy games. However, these aren't going to be totally new games. Instead, the two upcoming titles will be based on the growing Final Fantasy VII universe.

What Are The Two Upcoming Final Fantasy VII Games?

Square Enix refers to Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis as an "episodic return to FFVII's world with a nostalgic episodic twist".

The first of the two upcoming Final Fantasy VII Games is Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier.

According to Square Enix, The First Soldier is a "battle royale game set in Midgar". It will precede the events of Final Fantasy VII. The game will release on iOS and Android devices.

It's a totally radical concept that, in a way, is also very on-brand with the Final Fantasy franchise.

The other game, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, is a bit more familiar for Final Fantasy fans.

Similar to the Final Fantasy VI Pocket Edition, Ever Crisis will be a mobile-friendly version of the Final Fantasy VII story. However, instead of following events of the remake, it will mirror the events of the original game that released for the PSOne more than two decades ago.

As expected, the game is also going to be exclusive to mobile phones, with Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier expected to release sometime in 2021, and Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis following closely just a year later in 2022.

Unfortunately, both of these titles will not be available on the Nintendo Switch.

At the very least, not upon launch.

Of course, knowing Square Enix, they'll probably find a way to get these games on Nintendo's popular mobile console if they end up being successful in and out of Japan upon release.

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