Square Enix to release Final Fantasy 16 demo in June

At this point, all signs to Final Fantasy 16 coming out on June 22, as previously announced by Square Enix.

Many are already calling Final Fantasy 16 as the leading GOTY candidate this year.

Just like clockwork, Square Enix is giving fans a glimpse of their upcoming game, Final Fantasy 16, ahead of its release on June 22.

The game's director and producer, Naoki Yoshida, told Famitsu that a demo for Final Fantasy 16 is coming roughly two weeks before the game comes out. This would imply that the demo will be released either in the first week of June or the last week of May.

Furthermore, the save data from the demo will also carry over into the final game. The only question now is, how long is the demo for Final Fantasy 16 going to be?

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If you're wondering why Square Enix is putting the Final Fantasy 16 demo so close to its release date, Yoshi-P reveals that it's so that player interest won't fade away fast.

Yoshi-P confirms that he'd prefer the demo to focus on the game's combat system, but it's unclear if this will be the case.

Square Enix's most recent game, Forspoken, had a demo as well. Unfortunately, it did more harm than good as it basically confirmed what everyone feared about the game all along - it's middling at best.

Early previews of Final Fantasy 16 suggest that it's the franchise's best outing in years if not ever.

We don't think this will be an issue with Final Fantasy 16. An industry analyst surmised from a translated article that Sony is assisting Square Enix to make sure that Final Fantasy 16 is optimized on the PS5, among other matters. Given how well Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade ran at launch, we can expect FF16 to run just as well, if not better.

Final Fantasy 16 is the first of two big Final Fantasy releases expected to roll out within the current fiscal year. The next one, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, is scheduled to release in Winter of 2023. The remakes of Final Fantasy 9 and Final Fantasy Tactics are rumored to be in development.

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