Square Enix drops official Final Fantasy 35th anniversary website

The website offers a glimpse at the past and future of Final Fantasy, including a handful of unannounced projects.

It's amazing how a game that was technically a hail mary for the then-Square turned out to be one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time. After the first game was released in 1987, Final Fantasy is turning 35 later this year. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Square Enix just launched a website dedicated to celebrating all things Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy Th Anniversary
A stealth release of Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 in December would be a perfect way to cap off the series' 35th anniversary.

According to Square Enix, it wants to bring "many exciting new ways to enjoy the worlds of Final Fantasy" now that the series is in its 35th year. What's interesting here is that Square Enix is outright teasing that there are still more Final Fantasy projects coming outside of what's been confirmed.

Square Enix Official Final Fantasy Th Anniversary Website
15 years after the last Final Fantasy Tactics game, fans are still hoping that Square Enix will revisit the underrated sub-series.

If you take a look at the "New Titles" subsection of the official website, you can find a list of Square Enix's upcoming Final Fantasy games. The list includes the likes of Chocobo GP, a Nintendo Switch-exclusive that will be released today, March 10, and Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, which comes out on March 18 for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. But, just below the aforementioned titles, you'll find a small tease with Square Enix stating, "and more..."

Naturally, fans have spent the past 24 hours or so speculating about future Final Fantasy projects.

If the website is dedicated specifically to games that are going to be released this year, then it's highly unlikely that Square Enix meant to put Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 on the list. The former has already been delayed by at least six months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while Business Division I is expected to reveal Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 later this year. Both are resumed to be released in 2023 if not 2024, suggesting that Square Enix could still have something else entirely in store later this year.

With Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins and Chocobo GP already taking up Square Enix's early 2022 schedule, the path is clear for whatever the studio has planned for mid if not late 2022. Perhaps we're going to see that Final Fantasy IX remake that was teased in the earlier Nvidia GeForce leak. Or, maybe, just maybe, Square Enix is sitting on a Final Fantasy Tactics remaster, as leaked back in October, which would line up with the company's new set of Final Fantasy Tactics toys.

Square Enix Official Final Fantasy Th Anniversary Website
Final Fantasy XV was the last mainline Final Fantasy game to be released.

Unfortunately, fans will have to find out what else Square Enix has planned for 2022 as far as Final Fantasy is concerned. Although Square Enix took part in the most recent State of Play showcase, the event did not include any info about Final Fantasy. The good news is that Square Enix might bring Square Enix Presents back later this month.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to another iconic JRPG coming back to life later this year Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreams Edition.

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