Square Enix might have just delayed Forspoken

The PS5-exclusive title from Square Enix is scheduled for a May 24, 2022 launch.

2022 is about to be the PS5's biggest year yet, with a wide range of cross-generational exclusives and true next-gen titles set to hit the platform this year. Square Enix's Forspoken should have been one of the said games. However, the lack of promotional material with only a few months left before its launch, along with a report from a credible source, suggests that Forspoken won't be coming out in May.

Sony Might Have Delayed Forspoken
If Forspoken isn't ready by May, most wouldn't mind if Luminous Products delayed it by a few months if not even a year.

Once again, we have AccountNGT to thank for this intel. According to the highly credible insider, their sources say that Sony might announce Forspoken's new release date at a State of Play event this month. Following last month's Gran Turismo 7 showcase, several leakers have claimed that Sony is preparing for an even bigger State of Play event in a few weeks.

Of course, AccountNGT is not from Sony or Square Enix, so we can't exactly say that his or her words are true. But, the current situation does suggest that Forspoken won't be available by May.

Sony and PlayStation should have ramped up the marketing for Forspoken by now. Even if we consider that Sony wants to prioritize Forbidden Horizon West and Gran Turismo 7 with Ghostwire: Tokyo on the docket as well, it wouldn't hurt to release a brief trailer or two to hype Forspoken. Not to mention, Ghostwire: Tokyo got a new gameplay trailer in February. The lack of news regarding Forspoken makes a delay more likely.

Forspoken is Luminous Productions' first game since 2019's Final Fantasy XV, which would explain why the style and aesthetics might feel familiar to those who loved Noctis' adventure with his friends. From what we have seen of Forspoken so far, the game would have been another win for the PS5's hardware. Unfortunately, all signs indicate that fans will have to wait for a while to get a chance to play Forspoken on their PS5 (and PC).

Sony Might Have Delayed Forspoken
Square Enix still hasn't confirmed if Forspoken is a timed PS5-exclusive or not.

Back in May, we found out from a Square Enix financial report how the company wants to release Forspoken before Final Fantasy XVI. Meanwhile, Square Enix confirmed in December that Final Fantasy XVI won't be out until 2023. In the same statement, FF16's producer, Naoki Yoshida, was hoping that the studio behind the game would be able to reveal more about the upcoming title in Q2 2022. Finally, FF7's original director, Yoshinori Kitase, stated their plans to drop more info about Final Fantasy VII Remake Part II later this year.

Altogether, this at least three big-time Square Enix projects that fans are waiting for more news on without counting the PS5-exclusive project from the Japanese publishing giant that was rumored back in January.

Sony Might Have Delayed Forspoken
We might hear more about Forspoken a year after Square Enix gave the game its official name.

If Sony doesn't host a March showcase, Square Enix might want to do one with another Square Enix Presents event. Ironically, Square Enix confirmed Forspoken's final name, which was previously known as Project Athia, at the company's first Square Enix Presents event last year.

For now, PS5 owners looking forward to seeing Forspoken in two months should still hold up hope that the game will hit the market on May 25, 2022, as promised.

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