Square Enix reveals when Final Fantasy 16 might come to the PC

It looks like Final Fantasy 16 will be staying put on the PlayStation 5 for the foreseeable future after it comes out on June 22.

Anticipated by countless fans, Final Fantasy 16 is coming to the PlayStation 5 on June 22. But, ever since it was confirmed to be a timed exclusive for the flagship gaming console by Sony, fans have wondered: when is it coming to the PC or Xbox?

Fans can look forward to playing Final Fantasy 16 on the PC years from now.

An update from earlier this year confirmed that a PC port isn't happening at all and a more recent revelation doubles down on it.

According to Game Informer, the game's producer, Naoki Yoshida, "stresses that it will be longer than six months before players see or even possibly hear about [a PC port of Final Fantasy 16]."

Yoshida makes no mention of an Xbox port of Final Fantasy 16, which is a sign that it might not be coming to the platform.

Square Enix's decision to stick to a single platform will likely encourage others to make their games exclusive if only to guarantee that it runs and sells well at launch.

Seeing as the latest Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy VII Remake, wasn't released on Xbox platforms, including its next-gen upgrade, Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade, this isn't as big of a surprise.

But, the PC version of FF7 Remake: Intergrade came out on the PC at the same time it was released on the PS5, which is a good thing and should give desktop owners hope that they'll get a chance to enjoy Final Fantasy 16.

The "delay" of the PC port coincides with Sony's recent statement that PC ports of exclusive titles are staggered to launch anywhere between two to three years after they come out on the PS5 first. This gap might not necessarily apply to third-party exclusives but it's better to assume than expect an earlier release.

With that said, the temporary PlayStation exclusivity is excellent news for everyone. It allows Square Enix to concentrate its efforts on one platform before moving on to the others. This would explain why the development team is confident in the state of Final Fantasy 16 that it has zero plans to release a Day One patch on June 22.

There's a ton of pressure on Final Fantasy 16 to deliver on all of Square Enix's promises.

Given the possibility that post-launch content for FF16 might start development after Square Enix sees the sales figures of the game, the PC port will likely take the least priority within the studio.

It's a bummer for sure but it's worth remembering that a delayed game with a concerted effort from its studio often results in a better production.

Final Fantasy fans who mainly game on the PC can rest easy knowing that Square Enix is doing everything to make sure the game lives up to its potential, and fans will eventually get a version tailored to their platform of choice. Square Enix has an excellent track record of bringing Final Fantasy games outside of the PlayStation platform in recent years.

So, even though it isn't confirmed yet, Final Fantasy 16 should be available to play on the PC by 2025 or 2026.

It's been said that the story of FF16 is so confusing that the devs has a hard time following it themselves.

That's a long time but it's better than nothing. In the meantime, why not just get a PS5 instead? The stock shortage isn't an issue any longer. Besides, FF16 has a free demo coming up, so you don't necessarily have to spend for it unless you really like it.

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