Square Enix confirms Chrono Cross remaster for multiple platforms

After the Nintendo Direct reveal, Square Enix clarified that the Chrono Cross remaster is coming to other platforms as well.

A Chrono Cross remaster is probably the last thing that anyone had in their minds, but it's here and is going to happen. Nintendo confirmed Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition in its first Nintendo Direct showcase for this year. However, no more than 24 hours later, Square Enix made it clear that the Chrono Cross remaster isn't a Switch-exclusive, it's coming to the PS4, Xbox, and PC via Steam on April 7 as well.

It's not the Chrono Cross remake most fans wanted, but it's a remaster that the JRPG genre desperately needed.

The average audience probably didn't have any clue that the Chrono Cross remaster was coming. But, if you've been following us closely, you'll know that it was part of the long list of games leaked by the Nvidia GeForce a couple of months back. Since then, some of the games have either come out or been confirmed, such as the PC port of God of War and Final Fantasy VII Remake, which came earlier than expected. Although much of the list's content remains subject to debate, it stands to reason that it has a certain level of credibility.

Having said that, the official confirmation of Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition should help lend credence to the earlier leak.

As for the actual game itself, the Chrono Cross remaster will have the same content included regardless of the platform. Square Enix gave the classic JRPG a fresh coat of high-definition paint with quality of life improvements that will make Chrono Cross feel like a game from more than two decades ago. Players can even turn battles off completely for a conflict-free and story-filled experience. Not to mention, Square Enix put in the work to improve the soundtrack.

As a bonus, Square Enix threw Radical Dreamers into the mix. The text-based adventure from 1996 acts as a spin-off to 1995's Chrono Trigger and serves as a bridge that ties the entire Chrono series together. Most players never got a chance to play Radical Dreamers as it was a Japan-exclusive game, so this will be a first for many.

Chrono Cross is one of the best JRPGs of all time and was one of the best-sellers for the classic PS1 console.

Unfortunately, the Chrono Cross remaster isn't a full-on remake of the game, which many believed was in development after "details" were leaked last year. But, remaking such a huge game would've been a tremendous undertaking. We don't think Square Enix is willing to do that outside of its most profitable properties like Final Fantasy.

Then again, the remaster is arguably "better", because if Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition does well, who knows? Square Enix might consider releasing a sequel to the story, perhaps even picking up from where they left off with Chrono Break, the canceled third mainline installment.

Having said that, JRPG fans should just be happy that they have a new classic to play in a more palatable and modern way.

For now, players can keep themselves busy by playing these JRPG titles. These underrated modern JRPGs should tide fans over until they start demanding remakes of these other forgotten classics of the genre.

A remake of Final Fantasy IX is all but confirmed at this point.
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